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Whether you want to enjoy a cannabis vacation on your own or with your friends, finding the best cities to visit on a cannabis vacation is critical.

Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug on the Federal level under the Controlled Substances Act, yet many states have allowed marijuana use for recreational and medical use.

Oakland, Spokane, and Fort Collins are among the least expensive destinations for a cannabis tourist, while Burlington, Bridgeport, and Boston are the most expensive.

This article covers the best cities to visit on a cannabis vacation in 2023.

Best Cities to Visit on a Cannabis Vacation in the US

We have provided a list of top destinations you can choose to go to this time on your cannabis vacation. So, start exploring with us!

Las Vegas, Nevada

You cannot smoke cannabis publicly in Las Vegas. But how could the gambling city not have anything for weed enthusiasts?

The partying culture of Las Vegas has added marijuana to the scene real quickly. Adults over 21 can keep up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use. Also, you can smoke the good ol’ Mary Jane in one of the licensed clubs opening one after the other.

exploring Las Vegas

What to do in Las Vegas?

Stay at the Lexi Las Vegas or book a Suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel for a weed-friendly experience. You can also experience golf at Topgolf while enjoying your favorite strains. If you are staying for a little longer, look for 420-friendly condos, visit the Mob Museum, go to Downtown Las Vegas, and take the cannabis for a brief 420-friendly location visit. Also, you can get the best weed products from Cannavative in Las Vegas, including gummies and pre-rolls.  

Seattle, Washington

The next on our list of the best cities to visit on a cannabis vacation is Seattle, which legalized cannabis in 2012 for adults over 21. You can find various cannabis shops and cafes in the region to enjoy a smoke.

beautiful Seattle

What to do in Seattle?

Seattle is quite weed-friendly and offers numerous activities for when you are high. Visit the Cannabis City and Ganja Goddess to get some of the best cannabis products. Moreover, join one of the themed tours by Show Me Seattle, followed by the 420-friendly Museum of Pop Culture. You can find various cannabis-friendly hotels and resorts in Seattle, including The Green Tortoise, in the heart of the city.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is among the top locations for weed enthusiasts, especially those living in North America. Couples who love to have cannabis during their trip should definitely choose Colorado among all! It is a legalized recreational weed spot in 2012, and the cannabis industry has bloomed since then. Denver is more popular among weed enthusiasts in winter than in summer.

Denver Skyline

What to do in Denver

Denver does not always allow you to smoke a joint freely but also offers a wide variety of weed-friendly activities. You can enroll in a Puff, Pass & Paint Class or learn cooking with Cannabis by Colorado Cannabis Tours. Moreover, you can also get private cannabis cooking classes if you please. 420-infused skincare and pottery classes are also becoming popular among tourists.

Portland, Oregon

Research says that Portland tops the list of the best cities to visit on a cannabis vacation in the US. Oregon legalized the possession and use of recreational marijuana in July 2015 for people above 21. However, you cannot grow or sell marijuana in Portland. You can keep up to one ounce of marijuana with you.

Night at Portland

What to do in Portland?

Cannabis Café or Dab Lounges are the highlights of the cannabis culture in Portland. You can chill and smoke with other weed enthusiasts in these lounges. Alternatively, you can take a cannabis yoga class or crafting class by Make & Mary. Portland also offers High Tours and Tokeativity events to connect with cannabis enthusiasts.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is among the safe cities that legalized the use of marijuana in 2020, and many stores have opened in the city since then. Locals and tourists can purchase cannabis from medical marijuana dispensaries. But you may also get some from the locals, as they can keep up to 30 grams of cannabis.


What to do in Chicago

Go for a Cannabis bus tour to get to know more about cannabis history to have a conversation with fellow weed enthusiasts at the Smoke Easy Lounge. You can also relish cannabis-infused food at the Michelin-star restaurant Herbal Notes.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles allows you to smoke marijuana for personal pleasure, but the city has numerous weed dispensaries to fulfill everyone’s needs. If you stay near any of the dispensaries, you might also get the goods delivered to your hotel.

Los Angeles Beach

What to do in Los Angeles?

Bud and Breakfast is the best part of cannabis tourism in Los Angeles. You can get a weed-friendly hotel in the city and enjoy 420-infused foods depending on the services offered by the host. The city lets you learn more about the best spots through Weed Bus tours such as the Grow & Lounge and Hollyweed & Wine tours. Check recent events before heading to Los Angeles to make the best of your stay.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best cities to visit on a cannabis vacation in the US is no more difficult with this guide. You can pick your favorite 420-friendly city and enjoy a solo or family vacation per your choice. Las Vegas, Denver, and Portland are among the top choices regarding weed-friendly vacation spots. Moreover, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago have also made their way to the list. Enjoy your stay in one of the cannabis-friendly accommodations and explore the city during the day.


Which are the best stoner cities in the world?

If you are looking for a 420-friendly vacation within the US, Las Vegas, Portland, and Denver are among the favorite destinations for stoners. However, Kingston, Nimbin, Montevideo, Toronto, and Ibiza are best suited for a weed-friendly getaway outside of the US.

What are some of the best weed-friendly countries?

Jamaica and the USA are considered the most welcoming countries with the best 420-friendly accommodations. Furthermore, you can visit Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Belize, Uruguay, and Ecuador to enjoy a fun vacay.

How to plan 420 vacations all-inclusive 2023?

When planning a 420 all-inclusive vacation, it is important to check the local rules regarding cannabis possession. Look for 420-friendly hotels and resorts, and find events happening during your stay in the area.

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