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The US has become more accepting of marijuana and cannabis, and you can find weed-friendly hotels and resorts throughout the country. Whether you want to vacation alone or enjoy a getaway with your family, knowing the top best 420 accommodations in the US is critical.

Dopers staying in hotels have previously had problems smoking a joint within the accommodation premise, leading to the need for specific hotels, resorts, and Airbnb.

Top 420 Accommodations in the US for Vacation

When we talk about the best accommodations for weed enthusiasts, it is not only about the best hotels or 420-friendly resorts USA. It includes everything from Airbnb, Vrbo, and Bud and Breakfast for an amazing experience in weed-friendly American states.

Keep reading to know all the top best 420 accommodations in the US for vacation.

The Suites at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Vegas is home to some of the best 420-friendly condos, casinos, and weed-welcoming hotels, including the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. And what can be better than staying at a fancy hotel without worrying about disturbing others who don’t smoke?

The Suites at the Cosmopolitan offer you the top entertainment and amenities with the facility to light a joint at the terrace anytime you want. The best part is that the hotel is just within walking distance from the best marijuana dispensaries, restaurants, shows, and clubs. Enjoy the bud at the terrace and move to the casinos later.

NATIV Hotel, Denver CO

Finding a marijuana-friendly hotel in Denver is not difficult with the wide acceptance of cannabis edibles and smoking in the region. But we are talking about the best here!

NATIV Hotel Denver is considered the Gold Standard for marijuana hotels in the city. It is one of the pioneers in offering space to stoners and smokers for an interruption-free experience. The hotel has sixteen rooms with private balconies to get high on your favorite weed strain.

Moreover, the lobby coffee shops have “green” beverages and munchies when you want to spend time in the lobby. Or, get them in your room with just a call.

The Winston House, Seattle WA

hotel room in US

Besides hotels and resorts, Airbnb is among the top best 420 accommodations in the US. It is the perfect place to wind up and relax while having the whole space.

The Winston House in the heart of Seattle has recently become one of the most popular cannabis-friendly places in the city. Specifically designed for smokers and dopers, the living room has everything you need, from rolling paper to pipes and even speakers.

Having a place to yourself with all essentials to relax after being out in the city seems the perfect vacation retreat idea.

The Jupiter Hotel, Portland OR

The Jupiter Hotel in Portland offers you a weed-friendly welcome package including a lighter, vape pen, rolling papers, grinder, and an issue of Dope Magazine. You also get a Munchie kit and discount coupons to local dispensaries – that’s not what many US hotels and resorts offer!

Most smokers visiting Oregon find it among the top best 420 accommodations in the US for vacation and enjoying a kush. The hotel allows smoking in open areas considering fire hazards and maintaining the safety of other visitors.

Get your supply of Mary Jane from the local dispensaries and explore new strains you might not have tried before.

Dream Hollywood, Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles Hotel Room

The Dream Hotel in Los Angeles is a dreamy experience along the Hollywood Hills with mid-century Southern Californian vibes. 

Despite the classic architecture, it is one of the most modern accommodations in Los Angeles. Each room has iPads, Smart TVs, and contactless concierge service. The hotel offers floor-to-ceiling windows, a retractable rooftop bar in every room, and a dynamic fitness center. 

Enjoy the breathtaking view from the Highlight Room Lounge while enjoying your pot brownie. Alternatively, each room has PAX Labs vaporizers you can purchase to make the best of your stay at the hotel. 

Desert Hot Springs Inn, Palm Springs CA

If you are looking for a natural oasis in Palm Springs, this natural mineral waters boutique hotel is the perfect pick. 

Palm Springs is the first city in Southern California to legalize large-scale medical marijuana cultivation, leading to its popularity as a common cannabis tourist spot. This hotel has only six guest rooms, making it one of the top best 420 accommodations in the US due to a limited number of people. 

You can smoke a joint on the property and enjoy a relaxing CBD oil massage at the spa to soak in the mental and physical benefits of this experience. 

Bud and Breakfast

hotel room having wine

Bud and Breakfast are one of the most popular choices among stoners looking for an exquisite weed experience in the US. You can find these locations in Michigan, New York, Chicago, Virginia, Massachusetts, Denver, and Hawaii.

At B&B, you can get various facilities depending on the area and the property owner. Some Bud and Breakfast options have private chefs, while others offer weed and weed products to the stayers.

Bud and Breakfast are ideal if you want to spend your days and nights free of worries about disturbing other guests and enjoying weed in peace. 

The Bottom Line

With the increase in the use of cannabis, more people are looking for the top best 420 accommodations in the US for vacation. Visitors prefer hotels, resorts, and inns that allow them to smoke without restrictions. Most American cities now offer options for weed enthusiasts to ensure they enjoy their time during their stay. The Suites at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas offer an exquisite experience, while the Desert Hot Springs Inn at Palm Springs is a preferred choice for nature lovers. Alternatively, choose a Bud and Breakfast in your choice of city.


What are some 420 vacations all-inclusive Caribbean?

If you want to enjoy a 420 all-inclusive in the Caribbean, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico are the best choices. The US Virgin Islands and Belize are also tourist favorites. But remember that cannabis is not legal for recreational use in the region, and thus you might need to be a little careful.

Which are the best 420 vacations in all-inclusive California?

Enjoy your stay at the Fairmont Miramar for a chic and aesthetic space, or opt for the Desert Hot Springs Inn near Palm Springs. Furthermore, the Sandman Hotel in Santa Rosa is a perfect 420 vacation spot with your partner.

What are the 420-friendly resorts USA?

420-friendly resorts are becoming more well-known in the US, and you can find them in almost all cities across the country. Some popular ones include the Stewart Mineral Springs, Comfort Inn Mount Shasta Area, and Townhouse Motel.

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