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Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. This beautiful city in the heart of Florida is widely known as “The City Beautiful” because of its gorgeous landscapes. Besides its popularity for Disney World, Orlando is home to beautiful lakes, theme parks, exquisite bars, and leisure activities. When planning a trip to this gorgeous city from Miami, visitors wonder, “How far is Orlando from Miami?”

This article tells you about the distance between Miami and Orlando, transportation to Orlando from Miami, places to see enroute to Orlando from Miami, and more.

How Far is Orlando from Miami?

The distance to Orlando from Miami is 377 km and it takes 3 hours and 19 minutes to travel to Orlando from Miami by car.

If you wonder, how many miles is Orlando from Miami, it is 234 miles. However, the travel time depends on the route, driving speed, and the stops you make on your way.

SpeedTravel Time
75 mph03 hours 08 minutes
70 mph03 hours 22 minutes
60 mph03 hours 53 minutes
50 mph04 hours 43 minutes
40 mph05 hours 53 minutes
30 mph07 hours 51 minutes

Transportation to Orlando from Miami

Now that you know how many hours is Orlando from Miami directly, here’s how to travel to Orlando from Miami:

How Far is Orlando from Miami by Car?

Though the straight route to Orlando is around 3 hours, a one-way trip usually takes 5.5 hours. So, you can make a round trip within a day.

Going to Orlando by car

Florida’s Turnpike route is the most popular route as it takes you to Orlando the fastest. However, it you have to pay toll electronically. So, it’s best to get a SunPass to pass through the tolls hassle-free.

Alternatively, take the I-95 route to Titusville and turn to the routes on the west. This path is full of attractive places to stop on the way to Orlando from Miami.

Some tourists also choose the off-highway back-road route beginning at Rt 27 toward Rt 98 and Rt 441. This route takes you through Florida and Lake Okeechobee.

Here’s how you can get to Orlando from Miami:

  • Take the US-1 from South Ocean Drive or Downtown Miami toward Fort Lauderdale. You can click here to see how far is Orlando from Fort Lauderdale.
  • Next, take the right turn to SE-17th street, which later merges with A1A past West Palm Beach.
  • Turn right from the road and continue onto Royal Palm Way onto S Country Road.
  • Keep driving and turn left onto Okeechobee Blvd after the Royal Park Bridge.
  • When going to Orlando from Miami by Okeechobee Rd, you can keep following the A1A route to visit the picturesque beaches or opt for US-1 to reach Orlando faster.

However, most people opt for a longer trip to stop on their way and explore other tourist attractions. Many people also rent a car to enjoy the trip without getting tired.

How Far is Orlando from Miami by Bus?

Taking a bus to Orlando from Miami is another suitable option if you prefer going by road. Traveling between both locations takes 4 hours and 10 minutes on average.

Megabus and RedCoach USA are the most common choices from near Miami International Airport to Orlando. Megabus offers double-decker buses with a restroom on board and free Wi-Fi. Sometimes, they also offer cheap bus tickets to Orlando from Miami. Alternatively, RedCoach is another option on the route with varying ticket prices.

How Far is Orlando from Miami by Train?

Travel to Miami from Orland by Trian

On the other hand, you can take a train to Orlando from Miami if you do not like road trips. Amtrak is the most common rail service across the US that also takes you to Orlando from Miami. The travel time may vary depending on the train you choose, but it usually drops you off at the location between five and six and a half hours.

Alternatively, take the Brightline to Orlando from Miami, operating between Miami and Orlando. It is a high-speed rail that takes you to Orlando within three hours. They offer two options: Smart Service ticket and Premium Service; choose what suits your budget and convenience more.

How Far is Orlando from Miami by Plane?

Some people prefer flying, and thus ask, “How far is Orlando from Miami by plane?” It comes around 329 km or 205 miles, 29 miles less than road travel. Flying from Miami to Orlando in a straight line takes 40 minutes. However, this is only possible on a private plane.

If you take a commercial flight to Orlando from Miami, it takes around 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Delta, American, and United Airlines take passengers to Orlando. Usually, visitors take flights from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Orlando International Airport. Considering travel time, flight transit, and security, the total travel time is 4 to 5 hours.

What is the Cheapest and Easiest Way to Get to Orlando from Miami?

While there are multiple ways to get to Orlando from Miami, traveling by bus is the cheapest way to get to Orlando from Miami. It takes almost the same time as train travel but costs less than half of the train ticket.

However, flights are the most convenient if you prefer air travel and do not enjoy road travel. Yet, the fares are significantly higher than buses and trains.

Places to Stop on the Way to Orlando from Miami

The route from Miami to Orlando is full of scenic locations where you can stop and relax before moving to your destination. Here’s a list of the places to see enroute to Orlando from Miami:


Hollywood in Orlando

If you’ve never been to Hollywood, this could be the perfect opportunity!

Hollywood Florida is almost 22 miles from Miami and is a beautiful city on the way to Fort Lauderdale. It is filled palm trees, and there’s so much to do here that you can plan a day-stay. Roam around the city or visit the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Anne Kolb Nature Center, and others.

Bathtub Beach

Bathtub Beach

The name might surprise you, but the bathtub beach is ideal for families with young kids. The waves are not too high, and you can enjoy shallow waters with children without worrying. The gorgeous views are the best for enjoying a nice beach day with your family, friends, or partner. However, parking can be challenging to find. So, it’s best to stop by if you reach Stuart in the morning.

Fort Lauderdale

How could we not mention Fort Lauderdale among the best places to see from Miami, when traveling to Orlando.

Fort Lauderdale City

Fort Lauderdale is the most popular city on the route, especially known for The Strip. It features hotels, bars, and designer boutiques. The beaches in his coastal city mesmerize visitors, encouraging them to extend their stay.

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

Lauderdale offers numerous interesting and attractive places for visitors, and the Bonnet House Museum is one of them. You can join the tours to learn about the house and immerse in the artsy interior of the museum. The best part is that this hidden gem is usually not crowded, allowing you to enjoy the experience.

Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce is another beautiful city on your way to Orlando on the East Coast of Florida. It is known for its rich history and numerous museums displaying war weapons, paintings, and more. The Heathcote Botanical Gardens are also a must-visit when in Fort Pierce. These gardens have a massive display of tropical bonsai.

Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

The Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center is among the most breathtaking places to stop on the way to Orlando from Miami. It is an ideal pick for people who love spending time in nature. It has a lagoon, beach water tanks, and hiking trails. While there is a small entrance fee, you can learn and observe so much at this center in Stuart, Florida.

Winter Haven

Winter Haven Street

Winter Haven, near Orlando, is a beautiful city in central Florida that offers multiple fun activities for adults and children. The city is known for its chain of lakes connected by canals and Cypress Gardens dating back to the 1930s. You can enjoy water sports, rides, and Lego-brick attractions in Winter Haven.


What’s better than getting a quick tour around a city when visiting another?

Kissimmee City

Kissimmee is a central Florida city known for the gigantic Walt Disney World Resort complex. It also has multiple water parks and hiking and biking trails. The best way to explore the city is Celebration Bike Rental. Enjoy the 7-mile bike trail, exercise, and learn about this splendid city on your way. Kissimmee is just at a 35-km distance from Orlando, so grab the moment!

McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary

If you want to make a quick stop on your way to Orlando from Miami, McCarty’s Wildlife Sanctuary can be a suitable choice. The sanctuary cares for over 170 animals. Children love to see unique and rare animals at the sanctuary besides interactive activities. Moreover, the guided tours make the visit even more interesting.

West Palm Beach

Orlando West Palm Beach

When visiting Orlando, West Palm Beach is perfect for those who like eating out and clubbing. This pretty city has numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants that make you want to try everything they offer. Moreover, it is also perfect for history and art lovers; you can check out the Norton Museum of Art and the 4-theater Kravis Center.

The Bottom Line

Orlando is a popular tourist destination and makes the ideal choice for a fun trip. You can take a flight to Orlando or take a road trip to see “The City Beautiful.” If you wonder, “How far is Orlando from Miami,” the distance to Orlando from Miami is 234 miles or 377 km. It takes 3 hours and 19 minutes to travel to Orlando from Miami directly by car. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Orlando if you don’t want to drive. It is an economical and comfortable option. When taking a road trip check out some of the many places to stop on the way to Orlando from Miami to make the visit more exciting.


What is the cheapest way to get from Miami to Orlando?

Taking a bus or driving a car is the cheapest way to get to Orlando from Miami. The bus takes 4 to 5 hours, whereas a road trip depends on your route and the stops you make on your way.

How many tanks of gas to drive to Orlando from Miami?

Most people fill their tanks before getting on the trip and keep extra fuel in the vehicle in case of an emergency. If you want an estimate of gas tanks to drive to Orlando from Miami, it comes to around 35.4 liters or 9.4 gallons.

What is the best time to drive to Orlando from Miami?

The best time to drive to Orlando from Miami depends on when you intend to reach Orlando. Driving to Orlando from Miami without stopping on the way takes 3 to 4 hours. Leaving in the morning after 10 is the best to avoid rush hours and reach Orlando in daylight.

Where do I catch the Miami to Orlando bus from?

Catch the Miami to Orlando bus from the Miami Airport Station near the Miami airport.

How long is the flight from Miami to Orlando?

The transit time between Miami and Orlando is 37 minutes, and it takes you around 1 hour and 5 minutes to travel between the two cities. However, considering the security and travel from the airport to the destination, it might take you longer overall.

What airlines fly from Miami to Orlando?

You can directly fly from Miami to Orlando with America, Spirit, or Frontier Airlines. However, Southwest does not offer flights between the two destinations.

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