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Skiing is fun, especially when you are on vacation in the US. Thus, many skiing enthusiasts visit ski resorts when the temperatures go low. While you can find shuttle services to all skiing resorts, it can be a little challenging if you want to smoke weed during your trip. Other passengers might not appreciate pot in the vehicle when you crave a joint. In such a situation, 420-friendly ski shuttle services in the US are the best pick.

420-friendly ski shuttle services do not restrict smoking while you are on your way to the skiing resort; other passengers in these shuttles are also potheads, making it ideal for everyone.

Let’s tell you about the most popular 420-friendly ski shuttle services in the US.

Top 420-Friendly Ski Shuttle Services in the US

Below are some of the most accessible, yet excellent ski shuttle services in the States:

420-Friendly Ski Resort Transportation

The 420-Friendly Ski Shuttle by 420-Friendly Ski Resort Transportation takes you from the airport to the Ski Resort. Their ski shuttles are private charter Suburbans, Yukons, or similar vehicles. They carry up to 4 passengers with ski equipment and luggage at one time.

Moreover, this special service gives you vaporizers on your way so you can enjoy crack in the car on your way. The shuttle picks you up from the airport and stops at a marijuana store where everyone can buy their favorite products. You can request more stops; they cost $50 per stop.

Ski Resort Transportation

You can enjoy this service in various parts of Colorado. They charge per vehicle instead of per person. The distance and cost for 420-friendly ski shuttle services in the US are as follows:

LocationCostTravel Time
Aspen$6504 hours
Beaver Creek$3952 hours 30 minutes
Breckenridge$2992 hours
Copper Mountain$2852 hours
Keystone$2851 hour 40 minutes
Steamboat Springs$5303 hours 30 minutes
Vail$3552 hours 15 minutes
Winter Park$2652 hours

Colorado Cannabis Tours

Colorado Cannabis Tours offers 420-friendly luxury SUVs and party buses to ski resorts. You can smoke pot throughout the ride and buy your favorite from the dispensary along the way.

The Luxury SUV takes you from the Denver International Airport (DIA) to the location for $4.20/mile. At the same time, Mercedes Sprinters or luxury Party Buses for 12 people cost $5.20 per mile.

Denver International Airport

The cost for one-way transport from DIA to different destinations (inclusive of a dispensary stop) is as follows:

DestinationLuxury SUV CostParty Bus
Sprinter Cost
Breckenridge/ Keystone/ Copper$299$369
Steamboat Springs$599$739
Vail/ Beaver Creek$459$569
Winter Park$569$299

You can save 20% on your trip from the DIA to your destination or vice versa by opting for a round trip. 

Mile High Limo Tours

Mile High Limo Tours is among the prominent 420-friendly ski shuttle services in the US. They offer a wide range of trips throughout Colorado, including a ski shuttle service.

They are a professional, state-licensed limo service that takes you to your ski location in a 12-passenger limousine. The limousines are private. So, you can enjoy the ride with your group. Passengers can smoke in the car without any worries, and it is legal. However, all passengers must be 21 years of age or older.

US Limo Car

According to Colorado law, “If the for-hire limousine is truly private and does not allow access to the public, marijuana may be consumed in the rear-passenger area if the consumption is not viewable from a public place.”

The shuttle service takes you from your hotel to the ski resort and vice versa. Book a one-way ride or select a round trip to reduce costs.

The costs for one-way ski shuttle services between Denver and the following destinations are as follows:

Beaver Creek$739
Copper Mountain$599
Steamboat Springs$869
Winter Park$599

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best 420-friendly ski shuttle services in the US, services by 420-Friendly Ski Resort Transportation is one of the most popular options. Moreover, you can pick Colorado Cannabis Tours and Mile High Limo Tours. All these services offer different modes of transport ranging from luxury SUVs to party buses and limousines. They pick you up from the hotel or airport and take you to the ski resort. You can also buy your favorite cannabis products at a cannabis shop on the way. So, get a 420-friendly one-way ride with them, or choose a round trip to save costs.


How do I get from Denver to Winter Park without a car?

You can take one of the numerous ski shuttle services from Denver to Winter Park if you do not have a car. Alternatively, many people opt for the Outrider bus service and the Winter Park Express to reach Winter Park.

How much are shuttles from Denver to Breckenridge?

Shared shuttles typically cost $59 one-way from Denver to Breckenridge. At the same time, private chartered cars start at $599. Moreover, if you are looking for 420-friendly ski shuttle services in the US from Denver to Breckenridge, they typically cost between $299 and $569.

What is the easiest ski resort to drive to in Colorado?

Copper Mountain off I-70 on Highway 91, just before Vail, is the best choice for beginners. You can enjoy your first skiing experience at this resort after one day of lessons.

How much is a shuttle from Denver to Vail?

You can get a shared shuttle for as little as $69 one-way from Denver Airport to the Vail Transportation Center. Meanwhile, door-to-door shared shuttles cost $79 one-way. Private Charter Transportation is the most expensive choice to go to Vail at $699 one-way. You can also find 420-friendly ski shuttle services in the US from Denver to Vail between $355 and $669.

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