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Cannabis and yoga might seem a unique combination if you are new to it, but people around the world are enjoying cannabis yoga sessions; you may also call it marijuasana (marijuana + asana).

Cannabis yoga is a popular concept among potheads who want to double their relaxation. They believe that the combination of yoga and weed offers calmness and serenity. You can also enroll in a yoga session wherever you are to have twice the fun.

Cannabis-Infused Yoga Sessions

There’s something for all cannabis enthusiasts in Denver, California, Chicago, or anywhere else. This article details the best weed-infused yoga sessions to offer you the best of both worlds. These cannabis yoga sessions have so much to offer that you might want to explore.

So, let’s tell you the best cannabis yoga sessions in the world.

Bend & Blaze, Denver

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Denver, Colorado, is one of the most accepting and encouraging states regarding cannabis consumption. Cannabis sales skyrocketed during Covid-19, reaching a high of $2.2 billion in the US. At the same time, online yoga became a hot trend in the region when people could not go out thanks to the pandemic. So, people combined both of them – bringing you cannabis yoga.

Bend & Blaze started offering online cannabis yoga classes during the pandemic, and it proved as an opportunity to reach more people across the US. They conduct in-studio and online classes to facilitate cannabis enthusiasts from different parts of the country.

You can attend class by visiting their website and signing up for the mailing list. The emails keep you updated about upcoming sessions.


The reason we did not mention the location is that Marijuasana conducts cannabis yoga classes around the US; check out the calendar on their website to see previous events.

The instructor, Stacey Mulvey, is a Washington-based yoga enthusiast who offers cannabis-infused yoga sessions nationwide. She discovered that cannabis helped her concentrate better and started all-inclusive classes combining yoga and mindfulness with cannabis.

She starts the session by socializing and using oils and teas infused with non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Alternatively, you may choose smoking or vaping before the 30-minute beginner-friendly yoga session; the session allows participants only 21+ of age.

Inward Visions, Seattle

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If you are looking for the best yoga sessions in Seattle, trying Inward Visions is a good idea. The class begins with socializing and understanding different ways to use weed. The class helps you explore different consumption methods, including infusion, smoking, and digestion.

When you understand how to take marijuana before or during the session, you move on to yoga. Daniel, the instructor at Inward Visions, invites you to come with an open mind and spirit for a mindful and restorative experience.

However, you need to bring your own yoga mat and a small blanket!

Ganja Yoga, Seattle

Ganja Yoga is another immersive experience in Seattle where you can enjoy “high” yoga. This yoga retreat is more than just meditation and mindfulness. It combines yoga, marijuana, and lip-smacking food.

Ganja Yoga founder Dee Dussault prepares the edibles, topicals, and smokeables himself. You can indulge in these, followed by the yoga session, terpene mocktails or iced tea, and farm-to-table meals. The low-dose desserts at the end make the attendees believe it’s one of the best cannabis yoga sessions in the world.

While Dussault provides various forms of marijuana, you are most welcome to bring your own cannabis.

Luna Ganja, California

Luna Ganja is the perfect yoga retreat if you are looking for a women-exclusive option. This yoga retreat takes you to California’s Joshua Tree for three days and two nights. The retreat combines Hatha, Yin, restorative yoga, and Cannabis to help you achieve the zin you look forward to.

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It is an all-inclusive yoga retreat, but you can bring your own edibles and smokeables too. You also get vegetarian and vegan meals for breakfast and lunch. The session is not only about smoking and mindfulness but also awareness. It includes a cannabis ceremony to further enlighten and educate you about the plant.

Intimate Yoga Retreat, Oregon

Couples around the country join Denise Marchacos’s intimate yoga retreat in Oregon. The three-day retreat is undoubtedly one of the best cannabis yoga sessions, allowing you to spend quality time with your partner at the Pura Vida Float & Retreat on the banks of the mighty McKenzie River in Vida.

You will practice Kundalini and Cannabis yoga with numerous other activities. The retreat includes float therapy sessions, sound healing and light therapy sessions, bonfire, hot tubs, massage, kayaking, hiking, fishing, cooking, and much more. You get two nights’ accommodation with breakfast and dinner.

Why are Cannabis Yoga Sessions Popular?

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Dopers interested in cannabis yoga believe that it is more of a sensory experience than being high. Besides enjoying cannabis terpenes, people prefer having cannabis yoga to stay calm and relaxed. Moreover, it’s a great way to reduce anxiety. At the same time, cannabis enthusiasts also mention that yoga improves flexibility, builds strength, and also increases range of motion.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis-infused meals, drinks, and yoga sessions have gained popularity in recent years due to their relaxing effects. When looking for the best cannabis yoga sessions, the intimate yoga retreat by Denise Marchaco tops the list; who doesn’t want to spend some high time with their partner? Moreover, many other places offer yoga sessions combined with the goodness of cannabis. Marijuasana, Bend & Blaze, Ganja Yoga, and Inward Visions are some of the best picks. At the same time, Luna Ganja offers a three-day female-only retreat for some alone, mindful time.

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