Best Cannabis Yoga Places in Colorado, US

Cannabis Yoga Session in Colorado

Cannabis and yoga is a match made in mindful heaven. People travel to different places to find the ultimate fusion of cannabis with yoga. This transformative experience has gained popularity in most US states where it is declared legal. Among these states is the breathtaking place called Colorado, and who isn’t aware of that? Almost 25.41% of adults are into doing cannabis yoga as per the latest stats.

Fortunately, Colorado has remarkable places offering classes for cannabis yoga, which practices the progressive approach to prime holistic well-being. Colorado has first-rated places that host the best cannabis yoga sessions in the World. Today, we will explore and take a trip to uncover the best cannabis yoga places in Colorado, US.

Bend & Blaze, Denver

Location: Due to pre-registration sessions, the site may change. Check their website to stay updated with recent sessions.

Bend & Blaze in Denver is a retreat for those seeking a harmonious blend of relaxation and spirituality exploration. It is the most outstrip place in Denver for those looking for some time off from a hectic life. Bend & Blaze also hosts cap hill sessions for a higher yoga experience and gives online classes for your comfort.

Ashtanga Yoga Denver

Location: 2501 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205

Yoga Workshop in Ashtanga

It is located in the city’s heart and promises a peppy and immersive cannabis yoga experience. The ambiance of this studio is cozy and welcoming. It offers a range of classes and workshops designed to release you from all the stress and accentuate your inner peace.

Twister Sister Yoga

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Contact a Yogi: 303-523-5891,

Cost: $15 for Ganja Yoga; 420 friendly classes are donation-based

Enhance your cannabis yoga practice with twisted sister yoga. The most suitable and comfortable women’s cannabis yoga in Denver Colorado. This place is the go-to spot for most solo female travelers looking for a gateway. Their services include:

  • Ganja yoga experience
  • Lodging
  • Food, Drinks
  • Yoga, Massage
  • Spa and self-care Workshops

It’s time for you to grab your girlfriends and have this wonderful experience together with the experts of twisted sister yoga weekly programs. You can choose from your preferred accommodations, cuisine, activities, self-care rituals, and free travel information.

Marijuasana 420 Yoga Classes

Location: Classes are held in several venues in Colorado cities

in Yoga Position

Marijuasana’s 420 Yoga Classes are built to join like-minded cannabis enthusiasts. They have contributed a lot in making more people accept the growth and usage of cannabis through constant participation on social media. This platform offers in-person and group cannabis yoga classes too. The over-the-board service of Marijuasana’s 420 Yoga Classes enables you to teach and learn the core purpose of every move during your cannabis yoga sessions.

Ganjasana Cannabis Yoga

Location: In Boulder and around Colorado.

Cost: Varies with the sessions

So far the best cannabis yoga in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. It’s an equilibrium healing resort and spa, a green tent community best suited for females. It’s a safe and sacred place for women to cherish their inner peace through the retreat of cannabis yoga. Ganjasana’s Cannabis Yoga helps their users to get aligned with the cycles of Mother Nature’s rhythms, and they offer the following cannabis services:

  • Plant Medicine Ceremony (cannabis, hemp, and other plant medicines provided)
  • Sacred Bhang Tea Ceremony
  • New Moon Intention Setting Ritual
  • Plant Spirit Anointment + Clearing
  • Yoga for Women’s Health and Wellness
  • Guided Meditation
  • Plant Spirit Journeying
  • Mantra Chanting and Sacred Sister Songs
  • Soma Circle Share
  • Prompted Journaling
  • Community Support + Divine Connection

Secret Stash Yoga

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Duration: One-Hour long classes (depending upon which course you opt for)

women doing yoga

Assuming you want to enhance your yoga experience, but with a bit of a touch of cannabis, then Secret Stash Yoga is the veritable option. This place offers sessions encouraging relaxation, spiritual awareness, bliss, and inner self-reflection. It’s open five days a week giving The Original Hemp Cafe, in their 420-friendly lounge, Studio A64 the Original Cannabis Club.

Greenlove Wellness

Location: Littleton, CO 80127

Greenlove Wellness understands the need for solitude and tranquility. Hence, its class sizes are only limited to 6 consumers. They provide a sneak peek of effective products and the CannaFitness Industry. It is the perfect spot for cannabis enthusiasts who prefer a private residential space to experience the blend of yoga and cannabis. It’s way from the crowd; the ultimate serenity and wanderlust await you in this place. You can choose the theme for your class, and select your desired fitness and Health Company.

Break the Stigma

Location: Denver, Colorado

a group of yoga people

As its name suggests, it broke the basic concepts of the gym by giving it a unique touch. They allow their member to get high while exercising. This platform has popularity due to its viral video called “Now This Weed.” This cannabis-friendly gym offers fitness and cannabis yoga classes, memberships, and general loyalty rewards programs.

Ganja Guru Yoga

Location: Denver, CO

Ganja Guru Yoga offers a peaceful cannabis yoga experience through cultivating a synergistic relationship between mind, body, spirit, and cannabis. The experienced gurus take classes weekly in groups and privately. The place furnishes the ultimate urban sanctuary in Denver, Colorado.

In Closing

Colorado is a reservoir of cannabis yoga places, offering multiple transformative techniques for experiencing the fusion of cannabis and yoga. Every site offering a cannabis yoga experience offers a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Their transformative practices have provided a remarkable spiritual experience for its users. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing cannabis experience in the mountains or a serene escape to nature, Colorado has it all.

It has the best cannabis yoga places to give you an impactful cannabis yoga experience. It has much to offer, including solo female travelers, groups, and communities; all are welcome. Head towards the best yoga places here to immerse yourself in the benefits of cannabis with the touch of ancient yoga art.


What is the best stoner city in Colorado?

The best 420-friendly cities in Colorado are Boulder, the capital of Denver, and Colorado Springs. Although the usage of cannabis is not legal in some areas of the city, its consumption has not decreased.

Is Cannabis Yoga Popular in Colorado?

It has become quite popular in the US for the past couple of years. The need for a modern lifestyle has increased the demand for such recreational activities. However, it may come as a shock that most of the cities in Colorado still have not entirely accepted the new evolving concept of cannabis yoga. But, nothing stops cannabis enthusiasts from getting into the vibes of serenity and calmness with cannabis yoga in Colorado.


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