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Nevada allowed the use of cannabis for personal use in 2017, and it has become an important part of Las Vegas’s party culture. Now you can find many 420-friendly condos in Las Vegas, making your stay in the city more convenient.

When staying in local sharing accommodations, non-smokers might have issues with dopers. But weed-friendly accommodations solve this issue. Considering the allowance of cannabis for personal use, you will not face issues if you want to smoke in these hotels and condos.

420 Friendly Places to Stay in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas offers innumerable accommodation options for visitors, most prefer Airbnb. Staying in an Airbnb lets you live and smoke whenever you want. Besides Airbnb, Vrbo also has some good options suitable for people who love smoking a joint roaming around the house.

Keep reading to know the best Vrbo and Airbnb options in Las Vegas with a bonus suggestion!

420 Friendly Studio Apartment by Christopher and Samantha

The first one on the list of 420-friendly Airbnb in Las Vegas is the 420-friendly studio apartment by Christopher and Samantha. It is the perfect choice when traveling alone or with your partner.

The house is spread over 700 sq. ft. with one bedroom, one kitchen, one living room, and a full bathroom. Compared to many other Airbnbs, you also get music Wi-Fi in the bathroom!

It has central air conditioning with security cameras on the property to ensure all your belongings are safe. You also get a backyard with a fire pit and a gazebo to enjoy barbeque per your preference and mood. Devour delicious barbeque during the day, watch a movie with your spouse or friends on the 65″ flat screen and stereo at night, and enjoy your favorite weed strain. Pick your favorite show or movie on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, or Disney+.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about body soap, towels, blankets, or coffee – this Airbnb has it all!

Isn’t it the perfect plan? We reckon so!

Monthly Pet and 420 Friendly Rental

If you plan to stay longer and want to book an Airbnb for up to a month or more, this 420-friendly rental by Susan M Wallis in Las Vegas is an ideal choice.

With a Mediterranean feel, you can smoke freely inside or outside the house while staying at this studio apartment. You get one bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, porch, and dining area for four. It has everything you need for a relaxing weekend, including a fridge, utensils, a full-size bed, linens, and a desk for working. Other amenities include internet, hangers, iron, iron board, hair dryer, smoke detector, first aid kit, etc.,

The best part is that it’s only five minutes from the Airport and Strip. This is among the perfect 420-friendly condos in Las Vegas if you want to visit Lake Mead Boating, Grand Canyon, The Strip, and the MGM Grand Casino; they are just a mile or less away.

Las Vegas Night

Desert Oasis by Assaf

What’s better than a weed-friendly Airbnb offering a dedicated workspace and a pool table?

This spacious house is over 2600 sq. ft. with a huge pool and backyard. The backyard has a gazebo and BBQ space with nighttime lighting, so you can enjoy quality time with your partner or family and smoke a joint without any worries.

This place is only seven minutes from The Strip and allows you to relax after a long day exploring the city. It has four bedrooms with private bathrooms, a kitchen, a pool, a dedicated working space, a private patio, and a private entrance.

You do not have to worry about the amenities at this 420-friendly Airbnb in Las Vegas, as it has everything you need, from hair dryers, shampoos, and bed linens to game consoles, an oven, a dishwasher, Wi-Fi, and much more!

Enjoy your favorite shows and video games, or play darts, ping pong, roulette, or whatever you please.

Boho House

This condo hosted by Sabrina and Matt is perfect for a family vacation as it is spacious enough for up to six people to sleep. It is located in Secure Tower on Main Road, five minutes from The Strip and The Convention Center.

This gorgeous accommodation had a pool, gym, and spa. You get two study desks to provide enough space for working and uninterrupted Wi-Fi. Relax in your bedroom, work on the study desk, play PS3 in your free time, relax in the massage chair, or enjoy coffee while watching Netflix.

Matt and Sabrina invite you to stay as friends at their house instead of as clients, ensuring you enjoy a pleasant stay in Las Vegas.

Bud and Breakfast Las Vegas

Remember we mentioned a bonus at the beginning of the article? Here it is.

You can find Bud and Breakfast in Las Vegas with an executive cannabis bartender and chef – all to yourself!

This Bud and Breakfast offer a wide range of cannabis strains, from THC to CBD, including medical marijuana. You get organic breakfast from fresh ingredients when you wake up. It is the best choice if you want to enjoy an expensive vacation in Las Vegas, enjoying all five-star hotel facilities. Also, nobody stops you from smoking a joint.

The accommodation also has complimentary toiletries, TV, internet, cable, and a parking patio.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best 420-friendly condos in Las Vegas is essential to relax when you come back after exploring the city. The most significant advantage when choosing a complete house is the ability to smoke a joint without disturbing any other family. Choose from any of those listed above, or check Airbnb and Vrbo for the right accommodation. 


Can I smoke in my Airbnb?

When you check a listing on Airbnb, check the details. The hosts often mention whether they allow guests to smoke within the house. Sometimes, they may allow weed within the house, but you cannot smoke cigarettes inside. The best way is to talk to the host before booking it.

What happens if you smoke in an Airbnb?

If your guests do not allow you to smoke cigarettes or cannabis within the premises, you can face a smoking fee. You might also need to leave the accommodation without a refund.

What are some 420-friendly hotels in Las Vegas?

The Lexi is one of the most popular 420-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, where you might also find other dopers. Alternatively, check The STRAT and Rio All-Suite and Casino for affordable options.

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