Welcome to my World of Exploration!

Hey, I am Diana Chavez, and you’ll always find me traveling the world and experiencing new adventures! I started this incredible journey back in 2016 when I officially turned 18. Nobody could stop me from pursuing what I love, so why not? Since then, I have visited almost every corner of the world.

The very first place I went to was the streets of Colorado, and it reached some of the serene beaches of Miami! Now that I have years of traveling experience, you can trust what I share about different countries, cities, or states and their safety. My list goes on, but the top places include visiting Chicago, Ecuador, Cancun, Algeria, Chile, etc.

I consider “the Travel Joint” my heaven on Earth as it is the platform helping me weave my travel experiences into blog posts! But what makes it very special is the awesome community of travel lovers I interacted with during my entire journey. I have met many sightseers having the same passion as I do. Here at Travel Joint, we share our travel stories and what makes different parts of the world very special!

We are not just travelers but storytellers who pour their hearts and souls into writing each post for you. We truly understand and want your journey to be the best as ours! Be it hiking in the trails of the U.S. or going for a romantic walk in Aguadilla – we’ll be with you through our posts.

Once again, we warmly welcome you to “the Travel Joint” where the world awaits your discovery!