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Wondering whether to go to Argentina for your next trip? We have the best information for you to have the safest trip to this vibrant country.

Argentina, also known as the Argentine Republic is located in the South of South America with Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay in the North, Chile to the west, and Uruguay to the Northeast. Argentina is known for its exotic beauty and has a great coastline in the East. It has mountains, forests, grasslands, deserts, ice fields, and much more. Argentina is considered to be a great tourist destination. The question that comes to mind is, ”is it safe to visit Argentina?” The answer is ”YES,” Argentina is safe to visit for tourists. There is a record of having 7 million tourists each year to visit this beautiful country. With few precautions and common sense, you can have a safe and smooth trip to Argentina. This is the ultimate guide to help you to Argentina safely.

How Safe is Argentina?

Argentina is considered to be the safest country in South America. Tourists from all over the world come to visit this beautiful country every year. There have been no reports of any serious crimes by these tourists. However, no country is free of petty crimes. It is important to keep your eyes open and take some simple precautions to enjoy your trip safely.

Argentina faced some troubles during the 20th and 21st centuries, due to inflation, economic problems, recession, etc. But things have stabilized now however there is some general civil unrest. The differences between the rich and the poor have led to an increase in petty crimes in certain cities or areas. It is important to plan your trip with proper research and take some necessary precautions and you will be completely safe in Argentina.

Crimes in Argentina

While planning a trip anywhere, the first concern that comes to mind is the safety level of that place or the crime rate in that place. So, before visiting Argentina make sure to read this blog post to know all about the crimes in Argentina. Just like any other place, Argentina has high rates of petty crimes in certain areas but the rates of violent crimes are typically low. Let’s talk about the common crimes here in detail.

Argentina City People


Pickpocketing is common in the streets of Argentina. Make sure to keep your valuables in hidden pockets. The back pockets are easily targeted by the pickpockets. Keep your money in the inside pockets or the front pockets. It is advised to not carry large amounts of cash in your pockets. Be aware of anyone who is trying to distract you.

Bag Snatching

Bag snatching is also common in Argentina. It is advised to leave your valuable items at home. Keep your items hidden somewhere. Mobile snatching also happens here, especially in crowded areas. It is important to stay alert while moving in the crowds. Bag snatchers often work in pairs and try to distract you. Be aware of your surroundings.

Theft and Scams

There are many scams in the country. One such scam is ‘’bank note switcheroo,’’ where the cab driver switches your legitimate note with a fake one claiming that he does not have any change. To avoid this scam, make sure that you get familiar with the currency as soon as possible.

Another common scam is the ”mustard trick,” where someone sprays mustard, mayonnaise, or any other substance on your face to distract you. At that time a local will come to help you clean yourself while the other person, their partner, takes your belongings such as wallet, bag, or phone very carefully. You will not even notice that your bag is gone. To avoid this, it is important that you blend in well and a robber cannot detect you as a tourist who is new in the area.

Another type of scam is the ”sympathy scam,” where a healthy guy with disheveled hair and an innocent face comes to you and tries to be friendly. He then explains to you that he is a tourist like you and was robbed recently and has lost everything. He tries to take your sympathy in the form of money and asks for financial help from you. To avoid this scam, you must stay alert to such individuals. If you think they are genuinely needy then help them by calling the social services. Don’t get trapped in their stories.

Armed Robbery

Armed robberies are common in urban areas. In most cases, robbers do not use physical violence to rob, however, if the victim resists, then there are chances to get injured. If you are a victim of a robbery, it is advised to hand over your cash without resisting. It is important for your safety only. You can inform the police later and file a report.


Assault is not so common in Argentina, but bad and secluded neighborhoods are known for being the target places of assault. Make sure to avoid dark streets and bad neighborhoods if you are traveling alone. It is advised to travel in groups, especially at night. Try to stick to safe and crowded areas in the country.

Which Areas Should be Avoided?

Most of the country is completely safe for visitors. But there are certain cities and areas which are known for their high rates of petty crimes. These areas include:

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Argentina

The capital of Argentina is the place where most tourists come to stay. Buenos Aires has typically high crime rates. It is advised to stay cautious while visiting the following places in Buenos Aires.

  • La Boca
  • Congreso
  • Florida Street
  • the Retiro bus station area
  • San Telmo

Generally, it is said that the north part of the city is safer than the south. Try to stay in the safer areas in Buenos Aires. La Boca is the most dangerous place in the city, the government advises its citizens to avoid visiting it. Wealthy neighborhoods are comparatively safer than poor neighborhoods. Make sure to do your research before visiting Buenos Aires.


Mendoza Argentina

Crime has always been a concern in Mendoza. It is important to stay alert at all times especially if you are visiting the General San Martín Park or if you are at the bus terminal. Most of the crimes are known to happen at these places. It is advised not to walk through these areas alone at night.


Rosario Argentina

Violence, drug-related crimes, and petty crimes are common in Rosario. It is a violent city in Argentina and the homicide rates are very high here. Illegal gangs use this city as their drug trafficking base. As there are no special tourist attractions in Rosaria it would not be a loss to skip this city from your trip.

What are the Different Safety Conditions in Argentina?

Each country has its safety conditions. Whether they are travel, health, or weather safety, it is important to do your research before planning a trip to any new country. Make sure that you are familiar with their safety conditions before you embark on your journey. Here are the different safety conditions which should be kept in mind while visiting Argentina.

Travel Safety

La Boca in Argentina

There are many different transport means in Argentina. These include taxis, Ubers, buses, subways, and trains. It is advised to use ”radio taxis” instead of hailing taxis on the streets. The more reliable option is to call an Uber. Make sure to check the taxi’s number and the company name. avoid sharing cabs with strangers, especially at night. Try to choose only reliable ridesharing apps. Public transport such as buses, trains, and subways are quite safe but be aware of pickpockets while traveling in crowded buses.

Health Safety

Health safety is very important while traveling to a new country. You do not want to face any serious issues on your holiday. The common health risks in Argentina are:

  • Yellow fever
  • Zika virus
  • Dengue

To avoid such health risks, it is important to get yourself vaccinated. You can even consult a travel healthcare professional who can guide you about the proper vaccinations and medications according to your destination. Routine vaccinations should be done before traveling anywhere in the world. These include vaccinations for influenza, pertussis, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, and measles-mumps-rubella.

Weather and Natural Disaster Safety

Argentina is exposed to some natural disasters and extreme weather conditions. Earthquakes, floods, storms, and volcanic eruptions are quite common, especially in the northeast part of Argentina. There are many volcanoes in the Andes region, near the border of Chile. These can erupt at any time without any warning and residents have to evacuate immediately. San Juan, Mendoza, and Tucuman have high seismic activity. Earthquakes are common in these regions. Seasonal flooding occurs in the northern region of the country. Heavy rains have led to flash flooding in Buenos Aires.

To avoid such problems. It is advised to keep an eye on the local news and keep checking the weather conditions. The local news keeps you informed about the situation and you can know about any evacuation orders issued by the government.

Women Safety

Argentina is generally safe for women solo travelers. Walking in bad neighborhoods alone at night can catch the attention of men. You can hear whistles or some verbal abuse by them. It is advised to avoid walking alone at night, especially near bars. It is preferable to travel by taxi and avoid visiting secluded places alone. Other than that, Argentina is safe for solo women as long as you stay alert and cautious.

Best Time to Visit Argentina

When is the Best Time to Visit Argentina?

The ideal time to visit Argentina is during Spring from April to September. The weather varies from place to place, it depends on where you are planning to go. Although the ideal time to visit is from Spring to Fall. If you do not like extreme cold then avoid visiting Patagonia between June and August. The summers are extreme in Buenos Aires and the winters are mild here. Plan your trip according to the weather you prefer.

Bottom Line

Argentina is a great tourist destination. Millions of people come to visit this country throughout the year. Argentina is considered to be one of the safest countries in South America. There are some petty crimes in the country including pickpocketing, bag snatching, and scams, but the rate of violent crimes is quite low here. Most places are safe to visit but cities such as Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Rosario are considered rather dangerous as the crime rate is high here. You can have a safe visit to Argentina if you stay cautious of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions while visiting alone. We hope this article has helped you to plan a safe trip to Argentina.

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