Lola Lola is a family-owned cannabis company based in San Francisco, California and established in 2015. Our line of premium cannabis goods includes award-winning pre-roll packs, vaporizers and cartridges. Our products are curated to deliver strong cannabinoid and terpene profiles, which all start with premium starting material grown through our exclusive Lola Lola Farms network.

Everything we make is designed to be modern, discreet and stylish. Everything we do serves to elevate the global cannabis movement by celebrating creativity, connectivity, and community. By connecting our customers with top-quality and effects-driven products, packaging, and education, we aim to bring cannabis out of the closet so that more people can experience the expansive and healing benefits of this magical plant.

Lola Lola’s mission is to deliver experiences that inspire expansion of the mind, community and overall wellbeing of humankind. We believe that cannabis has a magical ability to stimulate creativity, connect people, and manifest expansion. We also celebrate the plant’s potential to provide relief and relaxation to the body. It is our honor and responsibility to make all of our products as ethically and sustainably as possible, and to infuse every bud with heart-centered intentions.

In Lolalandia, our craft is cannabis and our tribe is alchemy. We live to grow the freshest, most avorful owers, pack them with all
the good juju and share them with you. Our alchemy is one part science and two parts Lola.

Lola Lola is the essence of wonder, whimsy and enchantment that permeates every blooming bud and beating heart in the universe. Our mission is to protect, preserve and share the magic of the plant to create the best cannabis experience possible.

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Single Strain 3-Packs

Our flagship and award-winning pre-roll pack features three .5g individually tubed joints, packaged inside our custom matchstick style slide box. Our pre-rolls are packed exclusively with peak flowering bud (not trim or shake) and rolled in unbleached paper with no chemicals or additives. This pack was designed for discretion, style and ultimate freshness!

CBD Pre Rolls

There is no natural relief quite like fresh CBD cannabis, expertly rolled for a slow, even smoke that tastes great and may just cure what ails you. Easy to pack and ready to light for anytime flare-ups, these pre-rolls are virtually THC-free, keeping the mind and body perfectly productive.

Hash Infused Chronic Collection

Chronic Collection, a “joint” production of fresh, Lola-farmed cannabis infused with Nasha’s high potency, chemical-free and terpene-rich, hashish, is Lola Lola’s™ strongest product, both in flavor and effects. Three perfectly potent joints per pack, expertly rolled in chemical-free papers for a natural, even burn, this special reserve for the experienced palette looking to enjoy the very best.

Gold N Bright Cartridges

Simple, sophisticated, maybe even a little sublime, our strain-specific vape cartridges finely tune in to your exact feelings and moments. Each cartridge filled with the clear and luminous Gold N’ Bright™ pure cannabis oil delivers a more predictive dosing method that always hits just right, for any situation. Compatible with our reusable battery and USB, any of these cartridges are ready to go wherever you happen to take them.

CBD Cartridges

Simple, convenient and discreet, treat aches and pains with the right dose of our effective CBD vape cartridges. No heavy THC effects, our Gold N Bright™ pure cannabis CBD oils offer a safe, natural alternative to traditional pain relief that you can carry and enjoy just about anywhere.

Lola Lola Cannabis Flower

Are you a pinch of sativa in the morning person, or more of a heavy indica night owl? We offer both in a wide variety of strain-specific, premium flower, along with some high quality hybrids that fit into any time of your day. Ethically grown flower is a completely natural and relaxing way to bring more beauty into life and feel great doing it. And at Lola Lola, we give you all the information you need to find the flower that’s just right for any moment. There’s a bouquet for every kind.

Gold N Bright Battery Kits

Discreet and easy to carry, our Gold N Bright™ vape cartridge kits makes every part of your life, shine a little brighter, from the moment you lay eyes on this kaleidoscope of color until the fun, natural effects fully sink in. Extracted from high quality plants, our specially formulated process keeps all of the effects in and all of the impurities out. And, the more predictive vape experience lets you put just the right touch on your wildest dreams, or your daily routine.

Premium Disposable Vape Pens

Specially extracted from premium cannabis plants, our disposable vape pen features Gold N Bright™ pure cannabis oils that feel just as clear and natural as they look. Simple, stylish and easy to stow-away, these handy little pens make the everyday, extraordinary and take normal to the next level.

Lola Lola Magic Sticks

Our magic sticks have been known to make the everyday, extraordinary and take normal to the next level. Easy to enjoy and easy to stow-away, these potent little pens, attract very little attention and put just the right oomph on any day. Specially extracted from premium cannabis plants, Magic Sticks feature our Gold N Bright™ pure cannabis oils that feel just as clear and natural as they look. How they make your moments more spectacular… that’s magic.

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