Blunt Power Reviews

Blunt Power Reviews

Are you frustrated by the inefficacy of traditional air fresheners? Do you want a way to break up odors that actually work? Blunt Power might be the solution for you.

Blunt Power is an air freshener with over 200 scents. It uses essential oils for powerful aromatherapy.

The company offers a variety of products that include:

  • Incense
  • Air fresheners
  • Odor killers

The right product for you will vary depending on your needs.

About the Company

Blunt power logo

The company uses an air freshener based on essential oils. It is different from water air fresheners, which might evaporate and dry up before they’ve worked properly.

Each of the fresheners comes packaged in a one-ounce bottle. That makes it super easy to bring with you when you’re traveling. It can fit in a purse or a pocket with ease.

Though the formula was originally designed for use in vehicles, you can use the air freshener wherever you go. The fragrance can mask foul odors in your bathroom and kitchen in addition to keeping your vehicle fresh.

Just keep in mind that essential oils can be harmful to pets, so you shouldn’t use them in a home that has cats, dogs, or birds.

The Blunt Power company has existed since 1991. It was started by a group of entrepreneurs in Atlanta and has since grown to be a nationwide business.

Each of the air freshening sprays is extremely concentrated. Since you dilute the formula in water, you only need a little bit to last a long time. The one-ounce bottles keep the cost of shipping down since they’re so tiny.

Celebrities like Snoop Dogg and George Lopez have endorsed the product. You only need three sprays to get a scent that lasts for days, unlike the water-based fresheners that dissipate. With the incense, a single stick will burn for over two hours.

Long Lasting Air Fresheners

Long lasting air fresheners

There are more than 200 air freshener scents available through this company. Each comes packaged in the same small bottle and concentrated so that you can dilute it in water. Each lasts for several days after only a few sprays.

The baby powder scent is one of the most popular. It is safe to use in an essential oil burner and has a totally concentrated formula. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

This particular scent is made by combining aldehydes with pure vanilla oil. You can spray it in a room or your car to have a fresh scent that lasts for multiple days.

If you’ve been looking for an air freshener that actually works for more than a few minutes, this is a great choice.

Maybe baby powder isn’t your scent of choice. That’s okay! There are hundreds of other unique scents that blend different essential oils to give you the experience you want.

The bottles are super affordable. You can also get free shipping if your order is more than 25 dollars. Just keep in mind that the company ships within the continental US only.

Odor Eliminators

Odor Eliminators Sprays

Air fresheners can add a sweet scent to a room. But they can’t necessarily take care of the unpleasant odor underneath. That’s where odor elimination products come in.

Blunt Power creates odor eliminators that meet the same requirements as their air fresheners. The odor elimination lasts for multiple days. Instead of being based in alcohol, the formula is based in essential oils. It neutralizes the odors in the air and leaves behind a pleasing scent.

Every bottle comes with a concentrated dose of the formula. It’s a little more expensive than the air freshener, but that’s because the formula completely neutralizes odors around the house and car.

The odor eliminators can do the following:

  • Remove traces of cigarette smoke from the inside of your home and car
  • Remove the foul smell of rotting garbage or pet accidents
  • Set the mood for a date night with a romantic aroma
  • Help you unwind and relax using aromatherapy techniques

If you have any reason to be worried about the way you or your space smells, the odor eliminator is a great choice.

In addition, the scents were created by world-renowned perfumers. These are perfumers who have worked with celebrities and some of the top designers in the fashion industry.

Long Burning Incense

Long Burning Incense

The company has two different categories of incense: long burning and miniature. The long burning sticks all last for more than two hours. They come in a variety of the same scents as air fresheners and odor eliminators.

If you’re a fan of incense, one great option is the Incense Lovers pack. This pack comes with six sticks of long-burning incense, and it’s just under the threshold to get you free shipping on your order.

Included in the pack are the popular scents:

  • Black rain
  • Sandalwood
  • Hip hop breeze
  • Cool water
  • Pineapple
  • Cantaloupe

Whether you gravitate toward more fruity, woodsy, or breezy scents, there’s something in this package that you’ll enjoy. You can also learn more about the scent if you’re just starting with a new aromatherapy technique!

The miniature sticks of incense come with the same scents and benefits. However, they’re more compact, with each stick being built to burn for about 30 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Blunt Power has been making powerful air freshener products since 1991. The company ships anywhere in the continental US, and you can get free shipping if your order is more than 25 dollars.

The incense sticks are great for burning around the house. There are also more than 200 air freshener and odor eliminator scents.

Both the air fresheners and odor eliminators are powerful enough to work for days. The oil-based formula keeps smelling great instead of dissipating like other products.


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