Cannabis Yoga Sessions

With marijuana rapidly making its way into mainstream America; one unique collaboration is making a huge comeback. Cannabis and Yoga. “Comeback,” you say? Well yes, according to scholars people have used cannabis to take their yoga to a deeper and more spiritual level since the second century in India. We have compiled a list of classes that you can attend and experience this ancient practice for yourself.


Ganja Yoga

Enhanced practice for relaxation, well-being, and the cultivation of inner peace.

Ganja Yoga isn’t just yoga-plus-cannabis. Ganja Yoga with me is about Mindfulness or the inner mental work of yoga; Freedom, or your ability to move your body in the unique way it needs; and Alignment, so you can enjoy a safe practice for years to come.

Slow yoga classes are designed for anybody and any level of experience with yoga or cannabis.

Our community of regulars is all friendly, incredible people, and our twice-weekly classes always have a good mix of first-timers and regulars.

The $25 class includes a level of meditative yoga practice enhanced with sun-grown organic flowers, C02 vape pens, or paleo edibles.

Wednesday All Levels “Smoke and Stretch” near Civic Center BART.

Thursday All Levels “Vape Restorative” near Powell Station BART.


Bend and Blaze

Deepen your yoga practice by having the option of incorporating one of nature’s most amazing plants. You are taught by Amanda Hintz, a local, certified Yoga Instructor, and cannabis lover. This donation based, all Levels Hatha flow pairs a detoxifying workout and centering restoration with one of our favorite plants for a more profound, more connected experience. Expect to free your mind and connect with like-minded individuals.


A transformative experience honoring the wisdom of the natural world.  Deepen alignment of body, mind, and spirit with the master cannabis plant through the practices of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Learn tools to build relationships with plant medicine rooted in the ancient Shipibo shamanic lineage. Ceremonies are designed to model traditional approaches to plant communication and guide individuals to connect with the earth and their most authentic selves.

Rachael works for the plants – she lives in service to plant medicine with a focus on the cannabis master plant. Her practices start with the soil and closing loops. Viewing plants as the guru, she guides students towards deepening their relationship with the cannabis plant spirit, using creative teaching techniques inspired by her plant studies with the Shipibo tribe Shamans of Peru. Classes infuse cannabis plant spirit medicine with mindfulness practices, Hatha yoga, and pranayama.

A trailblazer in the eco-conscious movement, Rachael was awarded the first Cosmic Sister Plant Spirit Medicine Grant, a merit-based program that supports outstanding women, for research on Ayahuasca Psychedelic Therapy in the Peruvian Amazon. She actively promotes the Cosmic Sister message, to uplift females who strive for the rights of women, wildlife, and the wilderness.

Rachael’s passion for regenerative systems led her to assist in the development of the first campus permaculture garden at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where she graduated from the Honors Commonwealth School with a Pre-Medicine Plant Biology degree. She spent over five years serving her community as the Education Program Manager at the Responsible Sex Education Institute of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, where she revolutionized the way schools implement sex education by developing new curricula through the lens of mindfulness.

Rachael earned her Mindfulness Educator Certification from the Greater Good Institute at UC Berkeley and her Yoga Certification from the Shambhava School of Yoga in 2010. She leads Women’s Red Tent Yoga Workshops, mindfulness meditations, and Vinyasa flow yoga classes and is an active member of Volunteers of America. Rachael developed body awareness discipline at the age of four when she began dancing for the Ballet of Boston and is working towards a global sustainable transformation in the way cannabis is cultivated, embodied, consumed, and legalized. She developed Ganjasana out of a need to heal her own body, and to take back the plant’s medicinal roots; she is proud to share the fruits of her deep insight with others.


The House of Yoga is a cozy Yoga studio located in Bloor St West of Toronto, Inside the headshop  Hightimes. The House of Yoga is an amiable environment created to cause a healthy lifestyle with a balance of exercise and relaxation. The main goal of Yoga exercises causes self-observation and reflection on nature itself. The psychophysical effects of asanas are secondary to the main purpose, freedom. This studio is also Cannabis friendly, they have some classes including Ganja(optional), and some are also regular Hatha Yoga classes. In their Ganja classes, they utilize vaporizers before beginning the class.


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