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Raising a family, especially with kids, is always a mixed experience, and your responsibilities double if you’re moving to a new neighborhood. Obviously, parents are concerned about safety, transport convenience, school quality, atmosphere, and similar other factors when shifting to a new place with family.

Luckily, people living in Denver, Colorado, can free themselves from these worries. It is even considered the best place to visit for couples. Anyway, the entire shifting process can easily go if you’ve done strong research on the best neighborhoods in Denver for families. Whether you are moving out for the first time or your growing family needs more rooms for a comfy living environment – the list below covers all for you.

To help you find the best neighborhood for your family, we’ve compiled a guide to some of Denver’s top family-friendly areas.

11 Best Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Denver

You name it, and Denver has it! From the rocky mountainous parks to hipster restaurants and quick coffee shops, you can find everything for everyone here. However, parents always have a question when hunting for a new house near their city, and that is safety. Who doesn’t want security in an area where there are kids? The below-mentioned neighborhoods for families in Denver are not only cordial but have safe surroundings for kids.

Washington Park

It’s no wonder that Washington Park is like a cloud of gold dust for most families, also famously known as “Wash Park.” Located about a 10-minute southeast drive from Denver, this place is a cherished 160-acre green land. Besides its huge area destined for parks, this neighborhood has large lakes, playgrounds for kids, and beautiful flower gardens for a peaceful evening.

Wash Park Entrance

What makes it the best educational system is, of course, a major concern of parents when shifting to a new place. Some of the top-notch schools to be celebrated here are Steele Elementary and South High. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this suburb of tree-lined streets a place for families and empty nesters, valuing safety, walkability, and a quiet place. However, this real estate charm comes at a price!

Additionally, this darling place close to Denver has a rich array of dining options to choose from. You’ll get a variety from the best Italian foods in Wash Park Grille to mouthwatering seafood at Max Gill & Grill! The Wash Park itself has numerous outdoor activities like stand-up paddleboards and serene yoga classes. As you explore more about its long historic streets, you’ll discover small shops making Washington Park a vibrant and family-friendly Denver gem.

While the park may itself be old, people, particularly those with kids, prefer moving here because of the easy proximity to walking paths, kayaking, hiking trails, etc.

South Park Hill

It takes around 11 minutes if you start moving from Denver to reach South Park Hill. This Central Colorado region is an exceptionally beautiful neighborhood that would be at the top of the list for families considering a move.

A perfect live-in location for big families with bigger budgets – South Park Hill stands out for its remarkable safety, central location, and outstanding schools. Families living here or those planning to move always have easy access to all the amenities, including playgrounds for kids, the best schools, restaurants, historical landmarks, and the Denver Zoo for a day out with children.

Besides, when it comes to family-friendly features, South Park Hill, near Denver, truly excels. If you and your family are fond of trying various cuisines, we suggest you shift here. Not only will you be able to provide your kids with the best education till secondary, but the diverse dining options are to die for! Some of them are Dang Soft Serve Ice Cream, Torpedo Coffee, and Cherry Tomato (for Italians). Although there are activities for folks of all ages, kids especially love being around here. There’s this place called the Art Garage where your children can engage in creative classes besides getting strength training at the Mighty Movement Academy.

With branches of public schools like Northfield High School, East High School, and Denver School of The Arts, South Park Hill offers a comprehensive package for families. We feel good to say that this neighborhood is a complete oasis of comfy living for families and professionals alike.

Cheesman Park

At a distance of just 1.9 miles from Denver, Cheesman Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods – best for families. If you’re at a stage of life where you wish for serenity than the bustling city, prefer moving to the Cheesman with your family.

a place in Cheesman Park

This rocky mountainous area has rolling hills, making it an ideal living spot for kids, mainly due to its good walking, running, and biking trails. But things do not just stop at its scenic beauty; its central location ensures easy access to some of the best schools for children, Congress Park, and Capitol Hill. According to the Great School, two of the top-rated public institutes in this district are Polaris and Bromwell Elementary Schools.

Like any other safe urban area in Denver, Cheesman Park to the west is also perfect for your children to roam free. However, it’s always a good idea to do your research on the recent crime statistics and speak to locals before shifting to any place.

Moreover, families already living here or those planning to live there have the extra advantage of a good public transportation system. It’s a win-win situation for pizza lovers as Cheesman Park is famous for delivering the best pizza at Wyman’s. Besides, all those elites with their kids can sit and enjoy a weekend night at Odyssey Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar. Overall, this district is an ideal blend of city life and tranquility, making itself the crown jewel of the neighborhood.


Being at Denver’s second-lowest crime rate, Wellshire is known to be the most family-friendly. Pleated between I-25, Highway 285, University Boulevard, and Colorado Boulevard, it offers a good combination of safety, education, and outdoor activities.

The latest demographics display it as a neighborly area with almost 94% owner-occupied homes. Most families reside here with their school-going kids who appreciate having recreational facilities in parks, such as Harvard Gulch Park and Magna Carta Park. Besides the picnic points, Wellshire excels in providing a good education system to your children through eight nearby schools, including two primary, three middle schools, and two secondary schools, and yes, there’s one private institute that is a bit more pricey.

Another basic concern of a family shifting to another place is finding the best daycare and urgent care centers, and Wellshire has them all! There are multiple convenient options like Emmanuel Methodist Preschool, Parzival Shield, and CareNow Urgent Care as an extra layer of health reassurance. While this entire Denver neighborhood doesn’t have good culinary spots, the nearby Englewood to the Southwestern border has it all. You can get your comfort food at the Whiskey Biscuit and enjoy the best French foods at Cafe de France. The good news is for those who love to take a morning walk as it has a huge Wellshire Golf Course with golf activities at amazingly affordable prices.

Before you finalize getting a new house here for your family, make sure to check its home-selling record for the previous months and decide for yourself!


While most of you have Berkeley from California in mind when checking this list of best neighborhoods in Denver, that’s not the one! This Berkeley is a small town, just five miles away from Denver that is a perfect residential place for families. It’s a happy moment to see this city-centered locality grow at such a good pace that it’s now in the top ten Denver neighborhoods.

Entrance of Berkeley

Over the years, it has evolved and modernized, with 44 percent of its houses owned by rents, so that’s a good sign for families shifting here, right? Above all, children’s safety is at its core with the best schooling through Rocky Mountain Prep Berkeley and Westminster High Schools. So, whoever plans to move to Berkeley with family would be happy to see their kids getting an excellent education as they grow.

When it comes to dining, Berkeley has it all. Whether you’re craving vegetarian delights, sandwiches, or other foods like fry bread, the neighborhood has all these options to satisfy your taste buds. Lucky are those with a dog by their side when settling here, as Berkeley has many dog-friendly spaces besides big playgrounds and other outdoor activities for kids. The result is definitely it is the seventh heaven for all – young families, empty nesters, and first-time buyers.

If you’re worried about where to shop in this new place, it’s a breeze here along Tennyson Street. You can find anything and everything from baby clothes to your trendy attires. However, it’s still better to do your own analysis before relocating here.

North Park Hill

North Park Hill is another ideal Denver neighborhood if you’re on a hunt to find the best place to raise your family. Just at a short 15-minute drive, locals can easily get back to downtown Denver in a car, while it may take longer if you travel by bus.

Being parents to kids demanding fun-filled areas near your home isn’t easy, but this Northside of Denver has your back! If you settle down here, know that the Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and Fred Thomas Park are just in your backyard. You’ve got a whole world of adventures and learning for your kids right at your fingertips. It is affordable rental houses, and even buying your own is a big plus!

A family relocating to a new place would always have security concerns, and why not? North Park Hill is overall a safer district to move to, and the cherry on top is that it showed a reduction in its daily crimes, including burglaries, property frauds, and sexual assaults, which is a huge load off your mind if you have kids. The unity of communities residing here is something that really sets North Park Hill apart!

It’s like a mini spot where different people unite and grow with their kids going to the best schools, including McAuliffe International and William (Bill) Roberts K-8 Schools. If we rate it overall for families, North Park Hill is an A+ for those looking to call Denver their home.


Centennial is an attractive neighborhood for families wanting to move to Denver. All credit goes to its safest communities, good education system for kids, family-oriented outdoor places, and easy access to public transport.

streets in Centennial

Centennial has had its importance since 2001, so it is almost a new addition to the best neighborhoods in Denver for families. However, the schooling system here is worth investing in. You can admit your kid to the nearby Ambleside School of Colorado or the Highland Elementary School. Not just this, but those wanting an urban atmosphere emphasizing nature, wildlife, and outdoor activities should definitely relocate here.

Centennial is known for having several parks like Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park and hiking trails where you can take your family to spend the weekend. What’s more exciting is enjoying skiing with your family even when the weather isn’t parallel to your expectations through the very famous SNOBAHN Ski and Snowboard Center. Additionally, families love dining out to eat the special steaks by Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, and people who love Italian should give Chianti Ristorante Italiano a try. Lastly, the city has been recognized as safe by both locals and the nationals, so you can get a rented house or buy your own anytime soon.

Greenwood Village

The name might confuse you with its surroundings being slow and sleepy, but you’re wrong! Greenwood Village is a vibrant place that has always managed to keep a balance between protecting its historic charm and suburban lifestyle.

This family-friendly gem has everything a family considering moving from Denver can ask for! With its various educational institutes and outdoor fun facilities, Greenwood Village falls in a welcoming neighborhood. Some of its best parks for kids include Silo Park and Westlands Park, allowing families to reconnect while enjoying the mountainous view at the Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve.

Finding a good education system for your children is the backbone to raising them ethically, and who wouldn’t want that? Greenwood Village prioritizes kids learning through Campus Middle School and Greenwood Elementary Schools. At just a 20-mile distance from Denver, this neighborhood has all the recreational activities, such as in-line hockey rinks, trails, and sports fields for young athletes. Food lovers can explore a variety of fine dining options, where Venice, Il Fornaio, Morton’s, and Del Frisco’s are the top favorites.

Thanks to the Denver Tech Center, Greenwood Village isn’t just a peaceful haven; it’s also a hub of employment opportunities, making it an ideal place for young professionals and families alike.


Another family-friendly spot to hunt nearby Denver is Littleton for families. Just like Greenwood Village, it is also a 20-minute drive from the main downtown, with plenty of attractive places to go, including art galleries, boutique shops, and an amazing art center.

Denver Botanic Gardens

There’s a reason why people love this small town, and the top of them is its 8th ranking among the best small cities in the U.S. Besides, it is graded as a good spot for retirement, so empty nesters wishing to spend the rest of their lives in peace can shift here. All in all, Littleton is super safe for families, with the homeowners finding it easy to sell their homes.

The good news is for those having kids under 18 in their family, as Littleton Public Schools are considered the best learning institutes in Denver. There is no need to search for delicious cuisines, as Littleton fulfills all your cravings! From seafood to Italian to Mexican – you name it, and Littleton has it. Little did we know that a small town started by merchants, gold seekers, and farmers would be a developed district of Colorado one day.

There are some safety concerns, as street crimes usually occur everywhere; however, we suggest you investigate it properly on your own as it’s about your kids’ safety in the end.

Cherry Creek

This part of Denver’s neighborhood is known to have a mix of old and new houses. Although not so budget-friendly, this part of Colorado is filled with duplexes, luxurious townhouses, and fancy restaurants if you want to go beyond the money limit.

Every parent’s concern is to find a good school for their kids, and Cherry Creek is a gem to settle down. Besides being the best neighborhood in Denver for families, the Cherry Creek School District falls in the top five districts of Colorado. You don’t have to go far from the main town to explore fun activities for kids, as it has it all! This neighborhood consists of everything from cultural institutes to the Denver Museum of Nature, Denver’s Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and big shopping centers.

Among the top-rated schools in Denver are those in Cherry Creek, including Bromwell Elementary and Cherry Creek High Schools. For family-friendly dining options, look no further than the Blue Island Oyster Bar, which has all types of foods, especially seafood. Talking about its safety, it wouldn’t be wrong to call this place the safest Denver suburb where families and young professionals live peacefully together. So, anyone looking to relocate can expect a successful life here with their families and friends.

Congress Park

Congress Park is just a short car drive from Denver, and you can reach the destination in 7 minutes! Those searching for a neighborhood with all the necessities without sacrificing their privacy can definitely count on Congress Park. Its prime location with easy access to a wide range of housing options makes it perfect for families and empty nesters alike.

Central Presbyterian Church

There’s plenty of fun to explore – all thanks to an outdoor pool, tennis courts, and big playgrounds for kids. For a better taste, folks can blindly count on various food options from Shells and Sauce, Ritual Social House, and Lucky Noodles. No family raising their kids can sacrifice the quality of education being provided in their neighborhood, but there’s little to worry about when living in Congress Park, Colorado. With East High, REACH, and Teller Elementary School, parents can rest assured that their children are connected to top-tier learning opportunities.

What makes this place excel is its safety for families, children, and individuals living alone. With its low crime rate and family-friendly places all around, parents can get peace of mind, thus making Congress Park among the best neighborhoods in Denver for families.

So, Did You Find the Right Neighborhood in Denver?

In Denver, a world of new and rented houses is awaiting your approval. Searching for the best neighborhood, especially for families, is a personal journey, as everyone has different priorities. However, if you like exploring new places and your kids love outdoor activities, the above eleven Denver family-friendly places offer something extraordinary.

We would still suggest you run your own research, check area qualities, engage with local residents, and find out whether you prefer to be present there or not. From the beautiful green space called Washington Park to the serenity in Cheeseman Park, families have a wealth of options to explore.


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