Things to Do in Vienna at Christmas

Vienna at Christmas

Taking a break from the daily routine can be refreshing, and holidays are a great way to do that. If you’re looking for inspiration to get into the holiday spirit, why not plan the perfect trip for your upcoming Christmas? Vienna, the capital of Austria and one of Europe’s most stunning cities, is complex to miss when you think of Christmas.

The city is known for its dreamy atmosphere and breathtaking lights. The Christmas spirit is different in Vienna, and there are plenty of things to do during the holiday season.

Vienna has everything from dazzling waltzes to beautiful lights, melodic music, and a charming atmosphere. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do in Vienna during Christmas. Follow our lead, and you’ll be grateful later.

Why is Vienna the Best City during Christmas

Vienna retains its crown as one of the most magnificent travel destinations to visit in Europe. It’s eminently livable due to its entertainment, scenic location, Christmas market, reliable infrastructure, rich culture, and historic streets.

This city of light, with imperial history and architecture, is situated in the heart of the Danube River in the eastern part of Austria. Vienna is the best spot to celebrate Christmas because of its awe-inspiring views, entertaining festivals, and musical legacy.

Vienna allows everyone to celebrate one of the most beautiful times of the year by singing, decorating, dancing, devouring delicious food, and, most significantly, with our loved ones. There are many things to do in Vienna at Christmas while juggling with snow.

Vienna is about Christmas, so grab your coat, wear winter boots, and stroll through the city of romance. Dance along with magnificent pieces of Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms. There is much to discover, so tag along and discover what Vienna offers during Christmas.

15 Best Things to Do in Vienna at Christmas

15 Best Things to Do in Vienna at Christmas

Do you know what’s cozier than a lit-up Christmas tree? It’s celebrating Christmas in a city with a fire of hospitality and magic to engage people in a conspiracy of love.

Vienna has many jaw-dropping places and Christmas-related activities to entertain visitors on this memorable holiday. Moreover, not just during Christmas but also there are tons of fun things to do in Vienna for youngsters in winter.

Generally, Vienna throws and displays some of the best Christmas markets during winter and Christmas.

If you’re still wondering what to do in Vienna at Christmastime, below is a list to explore!

Chocolaty Pampering at Cafe Sacher

There are 2,400 cafes around Vienna, but one stands out due to its delicacies. If you visit Cafe Sacher this Christmas with your family, friends, or spouse, remember to taste the royalty of Sacher Torte, the mouth-watering famous dessert of Cafe Sacher.

Being a newbie, you must be concerned about the best time to go to the cafe sacher, I recommend visiting this place in Vienna at Christmas. The ambiance there will whoo you, and the taste will remain with you your whole life.

Location: Hotel Sacher Wien, Philharmoniker Str. 4, 1010 Wien, Austria.

Time: Daily from 8 am to 6 pm

Experience Ultimate Love at the Vienna State Opera

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear. It’s a way of expression through art; if it’s your first ballet or opera experience, make sure to visit Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera) in Vienna.

Vienna State Opera

This is by far one of the best things to do in Vienna at Christmas. Vienna State Opera is a magnificent opera house that has witnessed the historical works of Richard Wagner, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Richard Strauss. You can even enjoy watching free shows here with your loved ones.

Be prepared to be served with music, drama, emotions, and dance at the Vienna State Opera.

Dress Code: Smart Evening Attire, no informal clothing such as short pants or leisurewear.

Location: Opernring 2, 1010 Wien, Austria

Seat Cost: €150 (US $165.10)

Vienna Christmas Market

The main Christmas attraction of Vienna is their Wierner Weihnachsmarkt, a famous Christmas market. During Christmas, this Vienna marketplace is filled with eyes of excitement, cherry-cheeked children all bundled in winter clothes, running around and enhancing the vibes of Christmas markets.

Vienna Christmas Market

The environment is so welcoming that everyone lights up at the sight of this beautifully decorated market. You can expect all sorts of people here, traditional indoor facilities, and open-air stalls accompanied by alluring music here and there.

Opening Time: Nov 10, 2023

Best Time to Visit: At or after dusk

Some other markets of Vienna with Christmas sparks are:

Schönbrunn Christmas Market: This is one of the most stylish markets in Vienna because it is right in front of the Habsburg Palace. Imagine taking a picture with such an astonishing backdrop; it’s a fantastic experience. It’s like capturing a moment with a beauty restored for decades.

Opening Time: Nov 18, 2023, till the New Year, Jan 4, 2023

Karlsplatz Christmas Market: This marketplace is in front of the architectural masterpiece, the Baroque Karlskirche church. If you are looking to buy gifts for your family, friends, or spouse, this is the right spot.

Opening Time: from Nov 24- Dec 23, 2023

Ballroom Dance: Waltz Away Together

Are you looking for the ultimate glamorous Viennese experience with your partner? Head for the waltz classes and make unforgettable lovely memories in the ballroom. Sway with the melodies of transitioning music and let moves take hold of you.

Ballroom Dance

Location: Bräunerstrabe 13, 1010 Wien, Austria

Session Initiation: Classes start in November and continue till January or February.

Duration: Three months

Time: 3:00 pm till 8:00 pm (class timing can vary on which institute you choose to learn to waltz)

Here are a few of the finest musical institutions of Vienna where you can waltz with your lover:

  • Vienna’s Medical Doctor’s Ball
  • The Vienna Opera Ball
  • Vienna Coffee House Owner’s Ball
  • Rudolfina-Redoute Masked Ball
  • Johann Strauss Ball
  • TU Ball
  • Viennese Rainbow Ball

Take a Photo at Belvedere

Christmas in Vienna is doing something extra for everyone. As for you, Vienna has the perfect gift, which is so good for your Instagram. You can take breathtaking pictures around Belvedere as it is the earmark of this fairy city.

Take a Photo at Belvedere

Your trip seems complete with taking some panoramic clicking with Belvedere. Even if you have the photographic skills of a sea cucumber, this place exhibits nothing but perfection. Don’t worry; Vienna will do justice to you.

The Magic of Therme Wien

Outdoor activities sound good, especially considering what you should do in Vienna at Christmas. How about a relaxing spa day for you, your partner, or your family?

One unique way to detox your body is a day visit to the thermal spa complex in Vienna. Therme Wien is your next stop, with an almost 75,000 m² board area. It has at least 26 indoor and outdoor pools, 18 saunas, and fitness and massage centers. You can hold onto the following sort of tickets at your convenience:

  • 3-hour ticket
  • Day ticket
  • After-work ticket. Closing hours are 6:00 p.m. (except for after-work offer)
  • Location: Oberlaa U1 station on line 1 of the Vienna U-Bahn
  • They also give different suitable offers such as:
  • Relax! One day holiday for €94
  • The Gusto Lounge, an exclusive culinary delight for €12
  • The relaxing afternoon for €57
  • Afterwork Tickets start from €30

A Must-try Mouth-watering Maroni

Vacation calories don’t count, right? Who doesn’t like food being on vacation? I guess, another best thing to explore at Christmas in Vienna is to try Maroni (roasted chestnuts). A warm, chrispy roasted chestnut is a perfect match with the snowy winter Christmas season. You can feasibly find a maroni stand on every street corner during winter. Gutes Essen!

Drink Weihnachtspunsch

Drink Weihnachtspunsch

In Vienna, Christmas is considered a season of blessing; it has the power to engage the whole world in a conspiracy of love. The classy way of celebrating this season is by treating your taste buds with the Vienna delicacies as the famous Weihnachtspunsch. Most of the Christmas markets offer non-alcoholic versions of Weihnachtspunch. This hot beverage has multiple variations, including fruit-themed alternatives and different essences.

The Mug Tradition

The unforgettable traditions of Vienna at Christmas also allow you to restore and collect Christmas accessories and mugs of hot beverages.

Christmas mug

Every Christmas market in Vienna has its own design for hot beverages. Most people are interested in collecting multiple mugs with different designs, materials, and motives.

You don’t have to buy any hot beverage in order to get mugs; many shops sell these mugs separately.

Take a Trip Around the Ring

I would personally consider this place as the most well-lit place in Vienna during Christmas. This place is filled with hotels, stores, and a variety of old town that touches the Ring Boulevard area with well-lit markets. You are highly recommended to walk the entire ring area alone, or if you are with your kids, you can take hop and off buses, too.

Go through the Rathauspark


Your Christmas tour in Vienna is incomplete without visiting Rathauspark. This mesmerizing place is just around the famous Ring Boulevard, and its Christkindlmarkt is right in front of the city hall. It is a perfect spot for family pictures, to hang out, and enjoy the view in the best way possible.

Musical Diversity in Vienna Concerts

It is a perfect time to witness the classical performances of Mozart & Strauss, Konzerthaus, and Musikverein in December. Other places where you can enjoy the live advent concerts are:

  • Karlskirche
  • Mozarthaus
  • Deutschordenshaus (“mozart house”)
  • Palais Auersperg
  • The Konzerthaus
  • The Musikverein
  • Annakirche

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

This is, so far, the first-rate outdoor activity for families and couples at Christmas. Vienna Ice Skating Association is the place to go to when you are in the mood for ice skating and to twirl in the ice skating aurora. 

Wondrous Exhibitions

Vienna throws one of the best world-beating exhibitions around the calendar, especially in December. The best display of art history is mostly occurred and exhibited around:

  • Albertina
  • Lower Belvedere
  • Upper Belvedere
  • Kunsthistorisches museum
  • Wien museum
  • Academy of Fine Arts
  • Heidi horten collection
  • Dom museum
  • The mak
  • Kunst haus wien

Food and Drinks

The unbeatable culinary highlight of Vienna is fish; the most essential mealtime is Helligenabend. Vienna Markets serves roast poultry and pork in bulk. Baking is also customary during Christmas and revolves around preparing gingerbreads. Following are the top-notch options for enjoying some traditional foods:

Food and Drinks Vienna


A cluster of fruit bread and fruit cake is called a Stollen. It may taste a bit dry but is mainly liked by kids and adults.


Baking is so much fun because of its variations in tastes, ingredients, and colors. You can bake, design, and decorate according to your kids or your preferences.


It is just one of the best traditional, delicious biscuit cracks. It looks fun to add a variety of biscuits to your serving table; other than that, there is nothing unique about these biscuits.

Verdict – Things to do in Vienna at Christmas

Spending your Christmas in the city of light is a dream come true. Vienna allows you to explore new possibilities and embark on thrilling adventures. There are a lot of fun things you can do in Vienna at Christmas. For instance, an experience of ballroom dancing, pampering yourself with the chocolaty delicacies, capturing monumental pictures at Belvedere, and surrendering yourself to the thermal spa complex.

Vienna assures a fantastic and memorable experience for its visitors at Christmas. Let yourself sway with Vienna’s traditional food, breathtaking architecture, and harmonious music. Frohe Weihnachten!


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