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Whether you are a student in Australia looking to make some extra money or want to enjoy the working holiday for a few more days, finding jobs in Australia for foreigners without experience can be a real hassle.

We understand that you may not find the highest-paying jobs in Australia without education or experience. Yet, a few work opportunities are open for everyone.

You do not need years of experience or a master’s degree to get one of these jobs. Your interest and eagerness are all you need!

We have listed the best jobs for you in Australia without a degree or experience.

Best Jobs in Australia without Experience

Sales Assistant

You might not have expected to see a sales assistant at the top of the list. Yet, you will be surprised to know that it is one of the most suitable jobs that pay well and do not require any experience.

old man stand on store

You will often find sales assistant jobs in various parts of the country throughout the year. Some stores look for extra staff to help during festivals, while others may offer a position any time of the year. Look around to find shops or shopping centres looking for sales assistance.

It will not only give you cash for the moment. You will gain experience in sales, customer dealing, commerce, and communication. And you may put them on your resume.


Being a receptionist is one of the most accessible jobs worldwide. Though the job is as tough as any other, you need to put your best foot forward.

Still, you can get a receptionist job quickly if you are presentable and well-spoken. Organizational skills and relevant experience in the past can help you get a better wage and an excellent schedule. It is also the best choice if you are looking for a morning job to do another at night or relax.

woman stand on reception

Customer Service Representative

Call centers are your best bet if you are looking for jobs in Australia for foreigners without experience. It is the perfect choice for people who are good at conversing and handling customers.

Customer service also allows you to enter other jobs in administration and management by acquiring the necessary skills.


You might be impressed by the crafty baristas in coffeehouses and cafes. But, they were also once new to the craft like you.

You can find a café on every other corner in all major cities of Australia. Learning the skills of a barista enables you to find a job anywhere, anytime. Sometimes you might need to complete training before being hired.

Barista Restaurant hotel worker photo

Barista training ranges from a three-hour introductory espresso class to a five-day master class.

These training or classes are not necessary for being a barista, but investing a few days into learning solidifies your chances of landing a job.

Au Pair

If you are willing to move to Australia, the US, or any other similar region and haven’t heard of Au Pairs, you’re missing out on a lot!

Au Pair refers to an individual who moves to another country to look after the children of another family. The family (residing in Australia) sponsors the Au Pair through an agency. As an Au Pair, you live with the family, explore the culture and receive a weekly stipend of around $200. Families also pay $500 as an educational stipend.

father with son

The tasks of an Au Pair include helping the children with their homework, taking care of them, school pick and drop, and sometimes laundry.

Event Management

Australia is the hub of grand events throughout the year. Melbourne hosts a vast number of national and international events, including the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, the Australian Open, and the Spring Racing Carnival.

man wearing a event suit

It can be a perfect opportunity for an event worker without any prior experience in the business. You may choose many roles from serving, managing the players, and controlling the crowd. Connect to a nearby event management organization and find which task suits you the best.

Fruit Picking and Harvesting

Before we talk about high-paying jobs without a degree, fruit picking and harvesting is a seasonal job in Australia for foreigners without experience.

Australian farms are usually full of apples and avocados and need fruit pickers and harvesters during the season. Besides students, it is also an excellent opportunity if you are on a working holiday. Working for three months can earn you an additional two-year stay with wage and free accommodation. What’s better than that anyway!

healthy vegetables

Other High-Paying Jobs in Australia for Foreigners without a Degree

Some jobs do not require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. You can acquire these roles without extensive experience if you have the needed skills to perform well. The good part is that some of them only require a little bit of basic knowledge and management skills.

The qualifications for such appointments vary between employers and roles. Let us tell you about high-paying jobs in Australia for foreigners without a degree.

Construction Managers

A construction manager’s job relies on his ability to manage the staff and his knowledge of building maintenance. It is one of the best jobs in Australia that pays up to $150,000 per year.

team work on office

It is good for people who wish to go long in the field. Gaining experience as a construction manager will broaden your horizons for better opportunities in renowned companies. The job includes maintenance and repair of equipment, machines, and buildings.

Senior Care Worker

Senior care is one of the essential elements of healthcare in Australia. As a senior care worker in an old home or hospital, you have to take care of their diet, exercise, and other daily chores.

While you do not need a master’s degree or years of education in the field, you will need a Certificate 3 in Individual Support. Otherwise, you may take a diploma or Nursing from TAFE for the necessary credentials. Senior care workers are paid up to $83,000 annually.

Real Estate Agent

If you have heard that real estate agents make a lot of money, you have heard it right!

Real estate agents make up to $95,000 on average yearly, depending on their expertise and the number of properties they sell.

Typically, real estate agents try to find clients wanting to purchase properties and connect them to property owners. You can begin by working closely with a licensed Real Estate Agent to understand the business. Furthermore, you may acquire a registration yourself and work as a professional real estate agent.

Fitness Manager

It is not the easiest to find a job as a fitness manager without prior experience. But, you can always start by taking on any available task in a gym or fitness centre.

Joining a fitness center or gym allows you to see how things work there. Furthermore, you may enrol in a fitness training program to obtain a certificate. Then, register as a fitness professional with the state and join a gym as an instructor.

man and woman one hand push-ups

Just a few years of experience and see how well you do. You can earn over $85,000 as a fitness trainer in Australia.

Work from Home Opportunities

Setting aside the above-mentioned best jobs in Australia for foreigners without experience or a degree, you can also find some home-based opportunities.

Companies and recruiters post these opportunities on their social media and platforms like LinkedIn. A few may require prior experience in the field. Yet, you can get the basic knowledge of each of them on YouTube to understand how to start.

Some of the jobs you may find without experience include:

happy woman working on laptop
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Data entry
  • Customer service representative
  • Online tutoring
  • Editing and transcription services

Other tasks require knowledge of the relevant field like SEO and digital marketing to make good money from home.


Lastly, you can set up a business and be your own boss!

Invest in an established business of choice or launch your own company to earn on your terms. You may start as a solopreneur and eventually build a team as your business grows.

How to Find the Best Jobs in Australia for Foreigners without Experience?

The best way to find jobs without experience or a degree is to obtain relevant skills. In today’s time, many people give up on their educational field and adopt an entirely different career path. You may see doctors being journalists and politicians while many engineers are running their businesses.

Decide what you want to do and take your time to obtain those skills. Employers look for candidates with relevant skills that help them improve the working dynamics in the business.

The Bottom Line

Finding jobs in Australia for foreigners without experience is not difficult if you have a set of skills to prove your mettle. You can easily get into jobs like fitness management or senior care with a short training course. Other tasks like being an Au Pair, barista, fruit picker and harvester, event manager, and construction instructor may not require certification. You may also choose to be an entrepreneur or work from home.

The opportunities are endless; just pick what you like and go get it!

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