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Variety of French Foods

Finding different cuisines in your city can be challenging, especially when you want authentic taste. While you might find Chinese and Mexican places plentiful, French cuisine is a tough bet in Australia. Bistro Thierry is the only French restaurant in Toorak. People visit this restaurant for its French feel and authentic food.

This article lists French restaurants in Toorak and neighboring areas. Let’s get started!

Bistro Thierry: The Best French Restaurant in Toorak

Bistro Thierry is the only French restaurant in Toorak. Yet, people do not only visit it because of the limited options. Instead, the authentic French feel and service of the place make them come back.

Thierry Cornevin launched Bistro Thierry to allow the customers to experience the hospitality, warmth, and ambiance of a Parisian cafe in Melbourne. The décor, atmosphere, and breadboards take you to France.

This French restaurant in Toorak has built a reputation because of its high culinary and service standards. The French servers ensure you have a pleasant experience. You might also see Cornevin greeting customers enthusiastically on most nights.

Bistro Thierry has French and European cuisine. It offers a wide range of choices, from French onion soup and snails to their popular steak and slow-cooked duck leg.

Address: 511 Malvern Rd, Toorak, Stonnington, Victoria 3142 Australia

Phone number: +61 3 9824 0888

French Restaurants Near Toorak

While Bistro Thierry is the only French restaurant in Toorak, you can find many others in the surrounding areas. So, if you are willing to move around and explore most options, check them out:

Roule Galette Melbourne

Roule Galette Melbourne is one of the most popular French restaurants in the region for its desserts. It is the perfect place if you are looking for a restaurant that brings authentic French sweetness to Melbourne. 

The restaurant has French staff that makes you feel you’re in French streets waiting for your sweet pancakes or crepes. They have crepes, galettes, and an extensive menu to suit customers. 

The best part is that Roule Galette Melbourne also offers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

But make sure to arrive before 9 a.m., or you might not get a seat for breakfast!

Address: 241 Flinders Lane Shop 1, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Phone number: +61 3 9639 0307

Bistro Gitan

Bistro Gitan is another notable name among French restaurants near Toorak. The restaurant offers impeccable food and service. The servers are attentive and professional, offering a pleasant experience to the visitors.

They have an extensive range of wine and food, from salads, soups, entrees, and desserts. You can also choose a complete meal for $59. It includes an entrée, plat principal, and a glass of house wine.

However, the restaurant does not have a vibrant ambiance and can be noisy at times.

Address: 52 Toorak Rd West, South Yarra, Victoria 3141 Australia

Phone number: +61 3 9867 5853

France Soir

If you are looking for a French Bistro to enjoy a late-night dinner, you have France Soir!

Jean-Paul Prunetti and Yvon Voge established the France-Soir Restaurant in 1986. Located in South Yarra, this French restaurant is a favorite among visitors. It offers a detailed French menu of traditional Brasserie fare. The customers love the steaks at France Soir and believe they’re the best. 

You might not always see the same menu, but they are good at everything. From roast quail to lamb brains, rabbits, and more – you will love all!

The restaurant has a French indoor décor and incredibly helpful staff. The crowd can be overwhelming at times. So, it might not be the most suitable choice for people who love to eat in silence. Otherwise, this could be your next favorite French restaurant in Toorak region.

Address: 11 Toorak Rd South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria 3141 Australia

Phone number: +61 3 9866 8569

Chez Oliver

Chez Oliver is another French Restaurant in Toorak in South Yarra, Melbourne. This place offers a cozy environment and delicious food with reasonable portion sizes. The customers particularly like the restaurant because of the simple, intimate setting.

The food has a reasonable price with adequate portions. The restaurant has a buzzy environment but is not too busy. 

However, customers are not very happy with their wine and beer charges. So, bringing your own wine and paying $15 per bottle corkage is suitable.

Address: 268 Toorak Rd, South Yarra, Victoria 3141 Australia

Phone number: +61 3 9525 2273

The French Brasserie

The French Brasserie is perfect when you want to enjoy a fancy brunch or lunch. The visitors rate this restaurant highly on all criteria. Everything, including the staff, ambiance, and food, is top-notch. Dining at The French Brasserie feels like you are in France. 

The restaurant offers an extensive variety of wines, followed by a delicious menu. Choose from oysters, calamari, Porterhouse, crème brûlée, French cheeses and much more!

However, the French Brasserie is expensive compared to other French restaurants in the area. Also, some people find the portion sizes slightly small. 

Address: 2 Malthouse Lane, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Phone number: +61 3 9662 1632

Republic of Letters

While Republic of Letters is not a French restaurant in Toorak, it is not too far either. It will take you only twelve minutes to reach this restaurant from Toorak.

Republic of Letters is not a mainstream restaurant, mostly visited by the regulars. Besides their delicious lunch menu, their coffee and crepes are perfect for a quick meal.

Visitors also call it a hidden piece of France in Melbourne.

Address: 239 Whitehorse Rd Near the Balwyn Cinema, Melbourne, Victoria 3103 Australia

Phone number: +61 3 9817 2576

The Bottom Line

Finding authentic French cuisine in Melbourne can be tough when you know little about the surroundings. While Bistro Thierry is the most popular French restaurant in Toorak, France Soir is also a favorite. Other notable options include The French Brasserie, Chez Oliver, Bistro Gitan, and Republic of Letters. Moreover, Roule Galette Melbourne is the best pick for dessert. Choose your favorite and enjoy an authentic French meal with Parisian vibes.


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