Most Dangerous Countries for Female Tourists

female traveling alone

Traveling around the world is wonderful and lets you explore different cultures. Some people travel to meet new people, while others wander for self-discovery; many also do it for social media today. Besides family vacations and group tours, women have traveled solo for a long time. However, the recent incidents have led women to think twice when planning their trips. So, we have brought you the complete list of the most dangerous countries for female tourists for added caution.

Dangerous Countries For Female Tourists

Safety has always been a more serious concern for women travelers than men. Many countries are less safe for female travelers compared to males. While most come across hospitality and chivalry, some have experienced abuse and assault.

Statistics show around 28% of women are prone to harassment every year while traveling.

Recent incidents include a female tourist’s murder in Costa Rica and the assault on a woman in the Dominican Republic. Other issues like eve-teasing, drink spiking, and molestation are also prevalent.

Thus, here are the most dangerous countries for female tourists. The best is to avoid visiting them. Yet if you still have to go, take all the important precautionary measures.

South Africa

South Africa tops the list of the most dangerous countries for female travelers. Typically known for its tropical beauty, the country is experiencing a hike in crimes.

Cape Town, SA

Female travelers do not consider South Africa safe for walking alone at night. Moreover, females also reported a high incidence of intimate partner violence, non-partner sexual violence, and intentional homicide of women.

Lyric Fergusson also mentions, “Often, traveling women to South Africa are warned not to hike, drive, walk or move about alone and to generally behave conservatively.”


Brazil also makes it to the list of dangerous countries for female tourists. Besides intimate partner violence in the region, Brazil is also notorious for robberies. In fact, only 28% of women feel safe walking alone at night, which means 72% feel unsafe.

The US government warns tourists not to physically resist any robbery attempts or walk alone at night.


Russia has not been a tourist favorite because of the political unrest in the region. Furthermore, violent crimes against women make Russia the least favorite for female tourists.

landscape of Russia

The country has laws compromising women’s participation in the economy and society. Moreover, it has an alarmingly high rate of intentional homicide of women, followed by a lack of safety while walking alone.

Especially as a female US citizen, it is not the best idea to visit a country that might arrest you for the smallest inconvenience.


Considering Mexico’s general crime scene, seeing it on the list of the most dangerous countries for female tourists is no surprise.

Mexico ranked the sixth country receiving the most Foreign Direct Investment in Tourism (FIDI) between 2018 and 2022. Despite being a popular tourist location, it is not the safest choice.

Most female tourists consider Mexico unsafe to walk alone at night and report a high number of non-partner sexual violence. Thus, female solo travelers must not go alone and stay close to their hotel or resort.


Teheran, Iran

If you wish to travel to Iran, you might want to know that it is not quite female tourist-friendly. It ranks high on legal discrimination, gender inequality, and the global gender gap. In fact, Iran scores the worst in the Global Gender Gap study among the 50 most visited countries.

However, compared to the above-mentioned most dangerous countries for female tourists, it is safer to walk alone at night. The occurrence of non-partner and intimate partner violence is also low. Plus, Iran does not exhibit intentional homicide of women.

Dominican Republic

Concerns regarding women’s safety in the Dominican Republic arose after the brutal assault on a woman in a hotel. Street safety is close to none in the region, and women are advised not to walk alone outside at night. Additionally, the gender inequality index is quite high.

While intentional homicide and legal discrimination are low, you must consider other safety aspects when visiting this Carribean country.


tourists in Morocco

Morocco ranked the worst for intimate partner violence, followed by a high global gender gap and gender inequality. Tourists did not rate street safety highly either. A solo female traveler mentioned, “It’s exhausting fending off financial scams and harassment all day long.”

At the same time, the incidences of legal discrimination and non-partner sexual violence are quite low.

Morocco is not incredibly dangerous for women like some other parts of the world, but it did not make it to the safe countries due to violence. Plan your trip with a partner or group, and monitor your surroundings to stay safe.


Honduras is another tourist country with no scarcity of overly friendly and persistent men. They might try to mingle with you despite refusing a number of times. Most visitors mention they would not go again. At the same time, they also suggest female travelers not go to Honduras alone.

You must especially avoid the mainland, which does not have a good reputation among the locals either.


people enjoy the cali

While Colombia makes it to the list of the most dangerous countries for female tourists, the regions you visit make a huge difference. It is quite common for men to catcall women in the streets. Overall, the country does not have high incidences of street crime or female homicide; yet it is better to stay in the main areas.

Locals and tourists mention it is unsafe for solo female travelers to visit the North or remote areas without a Spanish speaker.


Rome is an attractive country that makes you want to stay there forever. But it might not be the best pick for solo female travelers.

Solo female tourists have reported catcalling, sexual assault, and being followed by strangers. So, you might need to hang out with locals to avoid these issues. Otherwise, it is best to avoid visiting Rome until you have someone to accompany you.


Girls Traveling to Cambodia

Cambodia is not extremely unsafe for female travelers. However, there have been incidences of violence against women. It ranked the third worst in gender inequality and violence against women’s attitudes, besides a low score for street safety and the global gender gap. Reports show over 50% of men in Cambodia believe that women provoke men into being violent toward them.

You might want to consider this mindset when planning to visit Cambodia alone. While most Cambodians respect tourists, some men believe that women provoke them to be violent. So, it is better to avoid going to Cambodia alone.

If you must go, stay low-key and do not talk to local men. Moreover, keep your purse close as the region has a high street crime rate.


France is a popular tourist location in Europe, but sadly also among the most dangerous countries for female tourists. Most women have Paris on their list of locations to visit. However, the country is not as safe for solo travelers. While you might not come across incidents of violence, most cities are scam hubs. You might lose your precious belongings without a hint.

Pickpockets are very active at famous tourist spots. Moreover, the men sometimes try to be a little too friendly. If you are not an avid traveler, avoid staying in Paris for long and opt for other cities.


Tourist at Pyramid

Egypt is comparatively safer for walking alone at night, with no reports of intentional homicide of women. Yet, the global gender gap and inequality index bring it to the list of the most dangerous countries for female tourists. Though the street safety is better than a few others, it ranked tenth worst for street safety.

It does not have high incidences of sexual violence, but you must exercise essential caution when visiting Egypt.


Jamaica is a splendidly beautiful tourist spot, especially for a vacation with your partner. However, it may not be the best idea if you want to visit this heaven on Earth as a female solo traveler.

Despite being a popular tourist spot, Jamaica is yet to realize equal rights. Many women have reported harassment by the locals during their trips.


In case you are booking your solo trip tickets to Guatemala, we’d suggest you stop!

Guatemala city

Like other Central American areas, crime rates against women are also on the rise in Guatemala. Many international female tourists have reported assault. So, it is best to skip traveling to the country alone.

Yet if you must, Antigua and Lake Atitlan are the only safe areas. Avoid early morning buses and take care when getting a TukTuk alone. Also, keep your bank card in a separate space from your cash.


You might not see Peru on many sites mentioning the most dangerous countries for female tourists. This is mainly due to a comparatively smaller influx of tourists. However, women have complained about harassment and groping in several areas.

Thus, Peru is not a good choice when traveling alone as a female tourist. Even roaming around with a group is not safe on your own.


Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a beautiful country, often considered a better version of Thailand. But, it might not be as safe for solo female travelers. It is one of the worst countries to travel in Asia after Thailand and India.

Females also rated Malaysia poorly for gender inequality and intimate partner violence. Moreover, you might not feel comfortable if you do not like personal questions; Malaysians tend to get personal quite soon.

When visiting Malaysia, it is best to take someone with you and roam around safe areas only.


India is among the top ten largest countries in the world and welcomes millions of visitors annually; 40-45% of tourists are females.

Overall, considered an adequately safe country for solo female travelers, India scored the worst in the gender inequality category. The country also has a high intimate partner violence rate, followed by a soaring global gender gap.

However, tourists believe it is a safe country to walk alone at night and has lower legal discrimination. Also, it depends on the part of the country you visit. Avoiding the north such as Bihar, UP, and MP is a better choice.


Vietnam waterfall

The last among the most dangerous countries for female tourists on the list is Vietnam. Vietnam is a gorgeous tourist location, gaining popularity every passing day. It is suitable for group tours and romantic trips with your partner. However, traveling solo might not be a very pleasant experience.

The region has a high number of complaints regarding violence against women. So, solo travelers should avoid traveling alone.


It’s no surprise that Afghanistan is among the most dangerous countries for female travelers. There have been no direct reports of assault or safety concerns from female travelers. However, Afghanistan is conservative, and locals do not generally welcome solo female travelers.

Thus, some female travelers have mentioned being stalked by men and taking their photos; it’s definitely not a pleasant experience.


tourists in Bangkok

Thailand is a tourist favorite, and many people do not expect to see it among the most dangerous countries for female travelers. However, people in Thailand exhibit high violence against women attitudes, intimate partner violence, and gender inequality.

It is moderately safe to walk alone at night, with fewer incidences of non-partner sexual violence. The country also does not have legal discrimination toward women.


Beautiful Turkey also makes it to the list of the most dangerous countries for female tourists because of bad experiences by women.

Turkey ranked the eighth worst for street safety and fourth worst rating for intimate partner violence. Statistics show that 89.2% of women have been subject to violence from their spouses. Moreover, it has the fifth worst ranking for the global gender gap.


Tunisia tourist

It won’t be wrong to call Tunisia the hub of inappropriate touching and harassment, given the number of incidents. Many women shared their safety concerns, mentioning that men harassed and groped them in the streets.

It is best to avoid going to Tunisia for a vacation solo. Alternatively, take all necessary precautions like keeping a safety device, staying on the phone with your family, and monitoring your surroundings in Tunisia.


If you have been thinking of going to Argentina, you might want to think twice. Besides ranking low in street safety, it showed high numbers of intentional homicides of women. However, if you discuss it overall, visiting Argentina is not that dangerous, it’s just that women should walk in groups or stay close to trustworthy people when traveling alone.

It is best to avoid getting into a taxi alone in Argentina because of annoying behavior, assault, and harassment by taxi drivers. You might also experience catcalling. But it is so common that you must avoid it and keep moving.


ukraine tourist

There is mixed opinion about solo female tourist safety in the region. It typically depends on the precautions you take. For a safe stay in Ukraine, it is best to avoid walking in dark areas alone at night and carrying large amounts of cash.

Moreover, Ukraine is not really female tourist-friendly, as the region scored subpar on gender inequality and the global gender gap. Street safety in the country is not exemplary either.

United States of America

It’s no secret that the USA has a high number of non-partner sexual violence and intimate partner violence. Thus, this country makes it to the top twenty most dangerous countries for female tourists.

Despite being a progressive nation, the USA exhibits a moderate global gender gap. Surprisingly, not many women feel safe walking alone at night.

Safest Countries for Female Tourists

While we have mentioned the most dangerous countries for female tourists, the question arises, “Which ones are safe then?”

So, we have compiled the top five safest countries you can pick from:


Switzerland is not only breathtaking but incredibly safe for solo female tourists. It tops the list of the safest countries with only a 2% rate of harassment or violence from men. Moreover, the country has a low street crime rate, making it a popular choice for female travelers.

Gender-based violence is nearly nonexistent, and the gender gap index is quite low. At the same time, the government has taken radical steps to ensure women’s safety.


safe Iceland place

You ask anyone who has been to Iceland, and they will tell you how safe they felt during their stay. The country is equally safe for locals and tourists, including female travelers.

The rate of street crime is so low that people leave their keys in the ignition when going to stores. The country has a laid-back environment, and the small population makes it safer. Also, the locals are quite friendly, ensuring that you have a pleasant stay.


Japan is another country with a low crime rate and helpful people. Though most Japanese locals do not understand English, they try their best to help tourists. The people of Japan are known for their hospitality and honesty.

Moreover, the crime rates are low in Japan, with almost no occurrences of violence against women. You can stay in any of the hotels and wander the streets alone without worrying about being harassed.

New Zealand

Just like Japan, the people of New Zealand are also super-friendly, making it a favorite among solo female travelers.

tourism New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country, but the people are helpful and respectful. You will not experience catcalling or assault from locals or other tourists. In fact, it is quite popular among backpackers.

As they are habitual of having tourists, they do not misbehave or take advantage of travelers.


Canada is an amazing country to visit for various reasons. Besides the calm environment, it is home to multiple cultures besides Canadians. So you get to meet different people and learn about their cultures. It also makes it easy to get along with the locals.

This tourist attraction has a low crime rate, and you do not have to worry about the safety of your belongings. However, you must report any unusual or unsafe activity.

The Bottom Line

Women have traveled worldwide for years and decades, yet safety issues continue to rise. In the past, female travelers experienced eve-teasing, assault, and even murder, making it important to research locations before traveling alone. South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Morocco, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and India are among the most dangerous countries for female tourists. Mexico, Iran, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Tunisia, Cambodia, USA, and others also make it to the list of unsafe travel locations. On the other hand, Iceland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Japan, and Canada are the safest countries for solo female travelers.


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