Cheap Things to Do in Vienna

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Vienna is a gorgeous city with museums, palaces, and churches. This beautiful part of Austria is known for its timeless architecture and many exciting activities you can enjoy here. It is another reason many people believe that visiting Vienna and exploring its beauty requires thousands of euros. So, what if we tell you all the cheap things to do in Vienna?

This magnificent capital of Austria, Vienna, has numerous fun activities for young adults and even kids that don’t cost a kidney! The best part is that many are absolutely free!

Best Things to Do in Vienna (Without Denting Your Pocket)

Though Vienna seems quite a small city on the map, it has plenty of choices for everyone. You can visit museums, watch movies, take rides at amusement parks, fine-dine at exquisite restaurants, and much more. Not just this, but if you want to spend less during your stay, all the free resources are your best friend. Surprisingly, it is more than just strolling in the park!

You can bike around the city for free, explore the City Hall, watch a free movie, visit the Cathedrals, enjoy a Ferris wheel ride, and a lot more.

So, let’s tell you everything to do in Vienna, Austria on a budget.

Take a Walking Tour

What’s better than starting your Vienna trip with a walking tour of the city, especially when it’s free?

You can find numerous companies in the city that offer free city tours for visitors. They give you a quick look at the city’s most prominent buildings and landmarks. While these tours are free, tourists tip at the end; most people pay €10-20.

Also, ask your hotel reception if they offer free city tours; you might be lucky!

Bike Around the City

If you are not a fan of walking through the city, some tour guides also conduct bike or Segway tours. They are not entirely free but do not cost a lot.

couple enjoying bike ride

Alternatively, you can head to a self-guided tour on one of the free bikes. The city has City Bike stations with bikes for locals and tourists. The bikes are free for the first hour, and you can take as many as you want. Drop your bike within an hour, and wait fifteen minutes before renting the next one. Register online at the City Bike Wien Station to use these bikes.

Learn the City Hall History

Now that you know how to move around the city let’s tell you one of the most popular and cheap things to explore in Vienna.

As some people love digging histories, knowing the history of city hall in Vienna would be a good option! It offers free tours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The tours start at 01:00 pm, and you can get the tickets at the Town Hall from 07:30 am. Yet, you must head to the Town Hall early as each tour has an 80-people capacity.

The tour is primarily in German, but you can also get audio guides in English, Italian, French, or Spanish.

Explore Vienna’s Majestic Museums

Whether you are in Vienna on a budget or not, who doesn’t like saving money?

Majestic Museum

Explore the city’s majestic museums without spending hundreds on tickets. You can visit Bezirksmuseen, Geldmuseum, and MUSA free of cost on any day of the week, and all city museums are accessible on the first Sunday of every month.

Furthermore, Kunsthalle Museumsquartier is free on Sundays with a ‘pay as you wish’ approach. Don’t forget to check out the stunning art pieces.

Visit the St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Visiting St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the perfect pick to admire the Viennian architectural beauty; entry to this stunning cathedral is absolutely free. If you wonder how to go there, the city has metro stations taking you directly to the sacred place.

You can roam around with your family and friends and look at the exquisite architecture of this cathedral, representing Vienna’s rich history. The best part is experiencing the front view of the city from the top of the cathedral for a small fee – worth the price!

Immerse in the Gorgeous Sunset

Sunsets are beautiful, even more from the country’s tallest building! Don’t worry if you do not know the best place to view Vienna’s sunset – we got you!

sunset in Vienna

The DC Tower on the Danube river bank is Austria’s most prominent building. You can enter the lounge without any entrance fee to see the city from the top. It is best to get a cheap drink if you want to stay there longer. The top of the building gives you an ethereal view of the city you will never forget.

Experience Serenity at Kahlenberg

The next on our list of the best things to do in Vienna is another fantastic location to get mesmerized by the city’s beauty.

Kahlenbery, a hill in the Vienna Woods, is one of the favorite spots among locals and tourists to get a bird’s eye view of the city skyline. Besides tourists, locals also hike up the hill to spend time with their loved ones, appreciating nature. There is no difficulty if you’re worried about how to get to Kahlenberg Vienna as the hike is pretty straightforward.

It is 11 km and takes around 3.5 to 4 hours to reach the top through the Vienna City Hiking Trail 1. Alternatively, you can take the 38A bus from Heiligenstadt and get off at Kahlenberg bus stop.

Learn Horse Riding

If you are looking for unique things to do in Vienna, learning horse riding can be the best pick!

horse rider

While the main seats range between €50 and €217, the standing room tickets are as low as €25. You can book the tickets online and get the lowest possible pricing. Moreover, the school has morning horse performances every day from 10 am to 12 pm for only €15.

Watch Free Screenings at the Vienna State Opera House

Watching free shows at the State Opera House in Vienna is undoubtedly one of the best activities to enjoy. Although the shows here are a bit expensive, if you don’t mind standing up for long in the queue, you can get ‘standing room only’ tickets for €4.

The square has around 180 free seats where you can sit and enjoy free shows on the giant screen outside the opera house. It is better to go early so you can find a good spot. Mostly, the free performances take place from April to June. However, the big House always welcomes tourists and locals and especially performs at its best at Christmas. So, you can go along with your friends and family and enjoy being in the Vienna State Opera House at Christmas.

Take a Ride at the Prater Park

Enjoying a ride at Prater Park is a must on the cheap things to do in Vienna, especially the ancient Ferris wheel.

walk in Prater Park

You can visit the park anytime after 9:00 am and the best part is – it is free at the entrance and the rides are pretty reasonably priced. There’s something for children and adults of all ages. You can reach the park through the metro and have a fun day. Aqua Gaudi, Airmaxx, Black Mamba, Boomerang, and Children Tower Lollipop are among the most popular ones.

Picnic at Schönbrunn

While you can get your adrenaline rush at Prater Park, Schönbrunn Palace makes a perfect point for post-adventure picnics.

Schönbrunn is among the most breathtaking places in the city and has a beautiful garden. It is free to enter; you can roam around the park and enjoy a picnic with your family there.

The Prater Park also has spaces where you can sit and eat. There’s nothing better than a calm day at the park after visiting the museums and theaters.

Take Kids to the Lainzer Zoo

Giraffe in Lainzer Zoo

Kids love zoos, and the Lainzer Zoo is an excellent option if you have kids with you. The zoo is home to numerous animal species, including wild boars, deer, and mouflons. The main gate is open all year, besides specific gates for entries in different seasons. Check the opening timings and gates for the season before you visit.

Roam through Naschmarkt

Naschmarkt and Brunnenmarkt are traditional markets in Vienna with everything from food to clothes and thrift items. Many people visit these markets to get their supply of organic foods or enjoy a hearty breakfast. The Naschmarkt starts setting up as early as 04:30 in the morning. When in Vienna, visit the markets at least once for a local experience.

View the City from Ikea

While you might not have expected Ikea on the list of things to do in Vienna, Austria, you will love it!

Ikea building

Vienna is full of stunning points to view the city from, and Ikea, Vienna, is such an undiscovered spot. Whether you want to buy anything or not, add Ikea to your list for a spectacular city view. The 7-floor idea’s panoramic rooftop is the perfect place to get a top view of the city without spending a penny!

Indulge in a Pastry Experience

Why not enjoy a yummy kipper or croissant when you are in Vienna?

Kipferl is a traditional Austrian yeasted crescent roll that you can enjoy in a café or get on the go. In case you want to go the usual way, a croissant and coffee is a safe choice. Relax at a cafe while enjoying your little bite of Viennian culture.

Enjoy Free Festivals!

Not many cities in the world offer free festivals to tourists, but Vienna is an exception. Whether you visit the Austrian capital in March, June, or September, there is something for everyone!

Wiener Eistraum

Attending the Wiener Eistraum is one of the best things to do in Vienna from December through March. You can enjoy skating on public rinks around the city. Moreover, the Donauinselfest or Danube Island Festival is a massive-level concert in June with performances on 20 stages; the Schönbrunn Palace also has free Vienna Philharmonic concerts in June.

Moreover, the Music Film Festival Vienna in front of the City Hall from June to September is something you must not miss at all.

Cheap Food in Vienna

Talking of cheap things to do in Vienna, how can we miss the food?

The region is popular for its inclination towards meat, with wiener schnitzel and tafelspitz being local favorites; Schnitzelwirt is preferred for wiener schnitzel in the city.

Besides meat, the city offers numerous vegan options now; Veganista is one of the top names. You will also find various mouth-watering dessert options throughout Vienna.

Tips for Saving Money in Vienna

Besides opting for affordable tourist activities in the city, here are a few tips to have you an ease-on-the-pocket trip in Vienna:

  • Look for accommodation outside the city center
  • Opt for public transportation (trams, trains, buses) wherever you go
  • Search online for restaurant discounts
  • Look out for free events while you are in the city
  • Get the Vienna card or pass during your stay

Vienna Tourist Cards

Touring Vienna is incredibly easy with a Vienna Card or Pass, allowing you to visit multiple locations without paying entry fees. They are two sightseeing cards, making Vienna pocket-friendly for visitors. You can get both for one day or more; longer-duration cards cost more.

tourists in Vienna

Vienna Card

The Vienna card offers you free entry into 200 places in the city with discounts at shops, restaurants, and tourist locations. Moreover, you also get unlimited public transport.

Vienna Pass

On the other hand, the Vienna pass is more suitable if you do not plan to stay longer in the city. This pass offers free entry into 60+ attractions in the city.

Vienna Flexi Pass

Another less popular option is the Vienna Flexi Pass. It is more suitable if you stay around a month and want to explore the city slowly. It lets you enter up to 5 sites over 30 days for a flat rate.

The Bottom Line

Vienna is one of the most gorgeous European cities, and you can enjoy many activities as a tourist without going over budget. Visiting the museums on designated free days is one of the most economical and popular cheap things to do in Vienna. Not only tourists but locals also take advantage of the free days. Moreover, you can enjoy picnics in parks, learn the City Hall history, watch free screenings at the Vienna State Opera House, and see wildlife at the Lainzer Zoo. The best part is that Vienna offers free bikes throughout the city.


Are things cheap in Vienna?

Vienna is not cheap; you must be ready to spend up to €250 per day to experience everything wholly. However, touring Vienna can be reasonable if you opt for less pricey accommodation and tourist locations. Getting a Vienna card or pass also makes it more economical.

Is it expensive to eat out in Vienna?

Vienna offers a wide range of dining options, from exclusive restaurants to mid-range diners and fast food. Mid-range restaurant meals cost around €20 per person, while you may get some inexpensive café meals for a lesser price.

What is the cheapest way to move around Vienna?

Most people use public transport in the city to save money; the buses, trains, and trams are quite affordable. At the same time, you can opt for bikes and e-scooters to go around the city. The bikes are free for the first hour, and you can pick and drop as many as you like throughout the day.

What is the cheapest way to get from Vienna airport to the city?

Airport Lines Bus and the Railjet Train are the cheapest transfers from Vienna airport to your city accommodation. However, they take more time than other options like Airport Taxis, which are slightly expensive.


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