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No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell. Once you look back at your life, the only regret you might have is missing the opportunity to travel. Most importantly, failing to take in your vacations just because of the fear of safety – I don’t think, is right! If only this is your concern, we are here to help you with the best! Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, is one of the most attractive tourist spots, but you might wonder, is it safe?

You have nothing to worry about because Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, is safe for tourists, whether you travel with your family or alone.

We have broken down all the safety aspects of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and some top tips to have a fun, safe, and secure trip to Aguadilla, PR.

What to Know about Aguadilla

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, is a small island founded in northwestern Puerto Rico in 1775 by Luis de Cordova. Aguadilla is famously known for its exquisite beaches. Throughout decades, this beautiful town was given multiple names, such as:

  • La Villa del Ojo de Agua (village of the eye of water),
  • El Pueblo de Los Tiburones (town of the sharks),
  • El Nuevo Jardín del Atlántico (the new garden of the Atlantic).

All these names justify their significance in Puerto Rico. Aguadilla offers an opportunity to experience several recreational activities, including surfing, Kayaking, Paddle boarding, Snorkeling, and Scuba Diving.

Here are some tidbits that you need to get a grip on:

Area94.61 km²
LanguageSpanish and English
MayorJulio Roldan Concepcion
Famous ForBeaches, leading rum producers
People in Aguadilla Street

Is Aguadilla Safe for Vacation?

The best gift you can give your family, partner, or friend is a lifetime of adventures. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, is a captivating town with numerous safe places to visit. This place encourages you to say yes to new experiences and demands to keep some travel safety tips in mind to ensure a secure journey.

Below are some points to recall while visiting the enchanting town of Puerto Rico.

Common Scams to Avoid in Aguadilla, PR

Life is short, and the world is wide! Tourists should not let the fear of crimes, scams, and felonies dictate their adventure roadmap, even though the city police ensure the safety of tourists. Nevertheless, you must visit other countries with an agile mind and stay silent throughout your journey. Your trip of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Move forward and see Aguadilla but with the following cautions:

Taxi Scams

Since you are a traveler to the place, your taxi driver might not be that honest with you regarding routes. They may take a longer route or charge you more than the existing travel cost. Put your Google map or GPS to good use, educate yourself with taxi tariffs, and track your routes whenever you use Uber.

Fake Tour Guides

Aguadilla is the safest for all tourists, whether it’s you with your family or traveling alone. But there are always some chances that you may get scammed through fake tour guides. Any local can act like a guide and claim to show you visit unique places. They will charge you a much higher service fee, but nothing to worry about, as we already have mentioned things for you here! Now you know better what to do in this situation.

Police Car in Aguadilla

Be Aware of Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing is pretty common wherever you go! No wonder you may get snatched in your own street, so one should always stay alert. Make sure to be vigilant when in Aguadilla, keeping yourself away from rip-offs and snatching.

Is Aguadilla Safe to Travel with Family?

“The Greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories!” – Og Mandino. It is right to some extent, but as a parent, you cannot neglect the safety matter at any cost. We also fully understand your concern, and you have done the footwork for us. Here are some of the best and safest places to visit in Aguadilla with family.

Family Travel to Aguadilla

Parque Colon: A sandy beach day with family, from building sand castles to the tree house, swings to jets – this place has all the attractions to keep your kids entertained.

El Parterre: This place is known as the fountain of youth and has a history that Spanish soldiers utilize to fetch water from this spring fountain. This plaza is open to the public 24/7, and you can also get gifts for your loved ones.

How Safe is Aguadilla for Women to Travel Alone?

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, is an island blessed with safe places with exceptional and remarkable culture, history, and contemporary cuisine. As a solo female traveler, safety should be your first concern. This region has a lower crime rate than most cities in the United States. Following are some of the best tips and points to keep in mind to ensure the safest trip to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico:

Girl Walking on Aguadilla Beach
  • Rent your own car, make sure it is from a trustworthy company, and they should have a digital presence.
  • Public transport is not available in Aguadilla tourists can access Uber and rent their car during their entire trip to Aguadilla, PR.
  • As a solo women traveler, the morning is the best time to explore new food, culture, restaurants, and beaches. Avoid going out alone or with other fellow travelers at night time.
  • We recommend you explore Rio Grande, Fajardo, Ponce, San Juan, Old San Juan, Isla Verda, Condado, Ocean Park, Hato Rey, and Miramar.
  • Avoid visiting Puerta de Tierra, El Parque de las Palomas, Pinones, and La Perla as solo female travelers.

Safest Places to visit in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Explore the safest places in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and let the sea make you feel free. Listed below are the best beaches of Puerto Rico, with unmatchable reefs, mangroves, forests, caves, and wildlife exposure.

Wilderness Beach (Las Ruinas)

Wilderness Beach

This place is wild and free, just like the sea! Enjoy the perfect synergy with nature on Wildo through horse riding. It’s a suitable spot to fulfill your dream of becoming a cowboy/girl through garden routes and pony rides at Redberry Farm. It opens the door to having real fun through adventures of exploring caves, deep forests, and surfing.

La Saldinera Beach

La Saldinera Beach

With the high tides, enjoy the good vibes with your best friends! Grab the sunscreen and walk at this straight off-the-beaten coastline. Water depth stays at 3.5 during spring, allowing kids to enjoy and experience swimming.

Surfer’s Beach

Surfer’s Beach

Surfer’s Beach is a perfect romantic spot to relax and chill out under the palm trees. You can artlessly relax along the melodious wave sounds or embark on an adventurous hiking journey. Do not forget to bring your hiking gear if you have chosen to trek.

Crash Boat Beach

Are you ready to explore paddleboarding and surfing in Aguadilla? Buckle up with your friends and family and visit the famous crash boat beach. There are numerous accommodations available, especially at Rincon of the Sea Grand Caribbean Hotel. Enjoy a wonderful dining experience at Rompeolas restaurant with your loved ones.

Crash Boat Beach

Note: Be careful while you jump into the water at its shores, particularly the crash boat beach. It does not have lifeguards. Wherever you go, go with all your heart and safety measures. May your journey be eye-opening!

End Note – Is Aguadilla Puerto Rico Safe?

Travel is worth any cost or sacrifice, and traveling to one of the safest places in the United States is an opportunity worth taking. Aguadilla is a safe town in Puerto Rico with its mesmerizing sandy beaches, palm-fringed seasides, and Playa Crash Boat. One of the main attractions of Aguadilla is its crystal clear water, gas chambers, and a day in the wilderness. This place is a perfect getaway spot for couples, friends, and family. Its views will leave you speechless and then turn you into a storyteller. To travel is to live, so fasten your seatbelt and make your next stop in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.


Is Aguadilla safe to walk around?

As long as you stay in the well-lit areas, it is safe to walk around in Aguadilla. If you desire a long walk on the beach, we suggest not to stroll alone. Police go from one petrol after another, but it’s better to practice cautions on your own.

Is Aguadilla Puerto Rico worth visiting?

Yes, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico is worth visiting. Turn your vacation mood on and put Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, on your bucket list to travel this year. Get ready for some unforgettable beach experiences on an affordable budget.

Do you need a car in Aguadilla Puerto Rico?

You will need your vehicle while visiting Aguadilla, PR. It will increase your safety while moving back and forward. The estimated lowest daily per day rent for a cozy car in Aguadilla is $20.

Is Uber available in Puerto Rico?

You can easily rent a car through Uber in Aguadilla, PR. Install the app, add your currently-in-use contacts, and ride a book to explore this splendid city.

Is Aguadilla safe at night?

While enjoying stargazing out at night, make sure to stay alert. It’s alright to get lost in the fantasy and beauty of the place once in a while, but make sure to keep your safety a top priority. State Police and Aguadilla’s City Police are always on alert. Your personal safety is your responsibility, and understand that safety isn’t expensive; it is priceless.

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