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Among the most popular US cities comes the resort city of Las Vegas, Nevada, which has now become a top tourist attraction. You must be wondering why? Las Vegas legalized consuming marijuana for euphoric or recreational purposes in 2017. It allowed the market to build and initiate the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas.

Whether you’re a tourist or a native living in Las Vegas, you can explore numerous best marijuana dispensaries in the state. Las Vegas is the home for cannabis enthusiasts and for those yearning for exhilaration.

The best marijuana dispensaries are the backbone of the cannabis community and this is what attracts tourists all around the globe. Let’s unravel some magical and aromatic world of marijuana and find out which are the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas.

4 Best-Rated Dispensaries in Las Vegas

After marijuana got legal in Las Vegas, the market expanded, and new dispensaries took over to cover the need of the public. Marijuana is not only used for recreational or euphoric effects but also for medical purposes. The state understood the core need of its citizens and invested in building one of the best marijuana dispensaries in entire Las Vegas. This freedom came with more responsibilities, such as moderate consumption and implementing the limited consumption of marijuana in society.

We can relish the 420 phase of youth, but let’s not get carried away with its unlimited fun. Although Las Vegas has the best 420-friendly condos, the consumption of cannabis should still be in moderate amounts.

Make sure to get hold of the marijuana from a licensed and registered dispensary in Las Vegas. Listed below are some of the best dispensaries in Las Vegas that stand out as pioneers in variety, customer care, and ambiance.

Planet 13 Holdings, Inc.

Las Vegas is blessed with the world’s biggest marijuana dispensary. This widespread platform is serving the marijuana industry since 2018. Planet 13 holds the title of the best marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas through its remarkable service, and a never-ending variety of products.

Curious little newcomers don’t need to hesitate here, they will be allotted personal budtenders on your demand. They care about their customers, earning them the well-deserved title of the best marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. They can hop you onto a groove of the cannabis world and show you the world you have never experienced before.

man check the marijuana plant

Location: West Desert Inn Rd. Las Vegas

How to Get: Online and phone pre-order, In-store, curbside, and deliveries.

Payments: Debit and cash (ATM on-site)

Beyond Hello

Beyond Hello is counted into the category of one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas mainly due to its association with multiple well-known brands. From BLUEBIRDS to Blazy Susan, countdown to Dogwalkers.

Beyond Hello is committed to being on the list of one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas. When it comes to product range, this platform is competing in the cannabis community. Here are a few of the most famous products of Beyond Hello due to their aroma, taste, and identity.

Marijuana Pieces

Products: Flower (small & premium), Tincture, Tropical (Balms, Bath & Patches), Vapes, and more options to satisfy every type of customer. They also have attractive, affordable, aromatic bundle packs to target every need and every consumer.

Location: 7885 W Sahara Ave.

How to Get: In-store, Curbside & delivery, and online pre-ordering.


The moment you walk into Pisos, a warm feeling embraces you, and an earthy aromatic fragrance surrounds you. This magnetic place is full of medical and recreational marijuana, ganja, vapes, grass, pot, reefers, and hemp. In the race to be the best marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, Pisos does not stand behind it.

Buying Marijuana

How to Get: Delivery and pick-ups.

Address: 4110 S Maryland Pkwy #1, Las Vegas, NV 89119


This dispensary ranked as one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas due to its exceptional ambiance, customer satisfaction, and wide range of medical cannabis products. It was formally known as Essence and it’s the main attraction of all kinds of medical cannabis. One thing that sets it apart from all the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, is its educational content for therapeutic applications. It also provides registered trained and professional nurses on-site for better guidance.

Products: Marijuana products, strains, pre-rolls, indica, sativa, hybrid strains, vapes, tinctures, CBD oils, and many more.

Location: All of these branches are declared to be the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas. A few of the branches are Rise Dispensary Las Vegas, On West Tropicana-5765 W Tropicana Ave. Rise Dispensary on South Rainbow-7260 Rainbow Blvd, Suite 104. Rise Dispensary on South Durango-6410 S Durango, Suite 115. Las Vegas Dispensary cookies Las Vegas Strip-2307 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV, 89104. Rise Dispensary Las Vegas on Henderson-4300 E Sunset Rd, Suite A3 Henderson, NV, 89014. Pasadena Dispensary Rise Pasadena 908 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91106.

420 Marijuana

How to Get: In-store, Curbside pickup, and Delivery.

Though you can enjoy a variety of cannabis in different big cities, besides marijuana and flowers, it’s better to use the quantity which you can handle. We want the tourists to feel good after having a relaxing session of marijuana and be able to enjoy the rest of their trip with virtuous health.

In a Nutshell

Las Vegas is filled with entertainment and thrilling experiences, but one thing that stands out is the ever-lasting community of marijuana. There are multiple best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, but a few stand out the most due to their extensive product range, expanded platforms, and aromatic ambiance. These top-ranked are the main attraction of tourists, new visitors, and locals. Though the consumption of marijuana is legal in the city there are some strict rules related to this freedom. There is a special marijuana tourism guide, which states that they must not and could not use it publicly. No one can even use it within the premises of any best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas. They stick to state rules, and so do you. Tourists or residents cannot take any ounce of marijuana out of the state because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Disclaimer: Avoid anything illegal kids do not get peer pressured in the charm of fun and thrill. You must be 21 and have a driving license to get a hold of pot in Las Vegas. All of the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas are focused on the safety of their consumers. Under 21 buddies, no luck for you, even the best dispensaries in Las Vegas cannot help you with this.


What’s the difference between recreational and medical cannabis?

Anyone with a medical card can buy medical cannabis in Las Vegas. All the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas act strictly upon the state’s law. Somehow, it’s all fun and games for the seasonal cannabis user, as recreational cannabis is just for them. They need to have a driving license and should be above 21. Recreational and medical cannabis are available at any best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas.

How much cannabis can I buy?

Medical cannabis is always prescribed, with a limited dose. For seasonal and recreational users, all the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas know no limit, yet they abide by state laws. The bad news is you cannot stockpile any cannabis, particularly if it exceeds your daily limit. You can purchase one ounce of cannabis flower and an eighth ounce of THC.

 Can I buy from multiple dispensaries on the same day?

There is no limitation on how to buy, what to buy, and how much you can buy as long as you do not exceed your daily purchase limit. Don’t just buy from a similar dispensary chain there are a lot of the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas. You are safe to buy the quantity you like from any of these best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas that do not fall under the same parent company.

Where can I use cannabis in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas currently do not allow the consumption of marijuana publically. You are free to devour this magic potion in your private residences. All of the best marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas instruct newcomers and tourists regarding this state’s rule. Tourists and residents are prohibited from consuming marijuana in places like parks, national forests, stadiums, malls, campgrounds, bars, coffee houses, casino hotels, and even the best dispensaries in Las Vegas don’t allow you to consume their own bought product in their premises. You better take this law seriously.

Can I use marijuana while driving in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is undoubtedly known for its luxurious recreational activities, including the consumption of marijuana. However, using marijuana while driving is prohibited in Las Vegas. This dynamic city is peaceful because of its abundant police patrols 24/7. DULs are pretty standard, so keep your record clean, and don’t do anything you might regret later.

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