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People were addicted to getting weeds and other cannabis products even in the past, but that was not very popular among the locals. Now that new inventions have made way and the world is modernizing, the use of cannabis, marijuana and its derivatives is legalized in different states. Many people in the U.S. use it for recreational purposes, medicinal use, as a stress reliever, and of course, for fun. Do you want to get the best of cannabis terpenes while going on a trip to your favorite place? If yes, we got you covered!

Today, our top priority is to help you understand more about cannabis terpenes and how to use their different types when traveling with your best friends. So, let’s get started.

What are Cannabis Terpenes?

You might be familiar with the cannabis family, including Indica, Sativa, or cannabinoids, but let me add more to your information. Cannabis terpenes have a different hype being the newest cannabis compound. To simplify, did you ever smack a lavender to release its aromas? That specific scent going to your nose and being the aromatic bliss is something extracted from terpenes. You can consume these CBD products in numerous forms to stay active, vibe with your friends, or spend quality time. Most people are seen carrying it in vapes, pods, or even e-liquids.

Let us now head towards explaining its various types, so you can readily get them during your road trip.

Best Cannabis Terpenes for Trips

Variation in cannabis terpenes is countless, as there are around 400 known terpenes, and more are yet to be discovered. Since you are planning your fun trip, we don’t want you to hustle to find a minor thing to consume on your relaxing journey.

Here are a few of the most exotic, easily accessible terpenes approved by multiple budtenders for your trip.

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Limonene or D-limonene

Say goodbye to your anxiety during your trip. The best cannabis terpene for trips is limonene, especially for those who get a bit anxious during a round trip. Almost all of the plant’s biomass contains approximately two percent of limonene. If you are afraid of going on long routes but at the same time wish to spend the best time with your friends, get yourself a capsule of limonene! We assure you you’d have the best of your time!

What Does Limonene Taste Like?

This cannabis terpene is a treat for your nostrils if you love the sweet lemon citrus scent. Its taste can fluctuate and change in context with other aromatic compounds. Expect your luscious cannabis terpenes to taste bitter, tangy, and sweet.


One of the most abundant terpenes in modern commercial cannabis is myrcene. Its consumption can decrease the effect of having any food poisoning issues during your trip. This type of terpene is useful in antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial situations. Get yourself a dose of myrcene if you want to relax or get a power nap during a long trip with your friends.

What does Myrcene Taste Like?

You are up for a musky, spicy, and clove-like taste. Most consumers have declared it to be the best terpene to taste.


One of the most prevalent terpenes has to be this due to its lavender touch with the therapeutic and aromatherapy effects. Are you stressed out about your trip or life in general? Linalool is an amazingly fantastic cannabis terpene that is safe to consume at home or on a trip. Just get off your anxieties and enjoy inhaling linalool, having little to no side effects.

What does Linalool Taste Like?

It tastes and feels just like enjoying a lavender aroma. Vaping it will leave a gentle taste of spiciness and a smoky undertone, so why wait?


Another one on the list is the famous beta-caryophyllene – an effective dietary cannabinoid. It is a natural cannabis terpene coming from most plants. You can mix it in your favorite food or keep those edibles naturally containing caryophyllene when going on a trip. Not only does it help you relieve any pain, but swallowing it can improve your bone health. So, if you are tired of driving on a long route or want to relax during your exhausting journey, take a dose of beta-caryophyllene. Additionally, it has incredible mood elevation effects, resulting in euphoric experiences. Now you must be thinking of getting high this time, ain’t you?

What does Beta-Caryophyllene Taste Like?

It tastes a little spicy and a little peppery, just like the black pepper. You can imagine consuming cinnamon as beta-caryophyllene is the same!

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Safe Traveling with Cannabis Terpenes – Tips & Precautions

Although marijuana use and weed strains have been legalized in many parts of the world, it is still crucial to take precautionary measures while consuming it. The amount of terpene you take should depend on where you plan to go and how to ingest it. Excessively vaping cannabis terpenes can have adverse effects, as heat can turn the terpene into a harmful byproduct, which shouldn’t be consumed, of course!

Till now, there are no effective methods discovered to consume terpenes at high temperatures, so we suggest you stick to just vaporizing the flavor at low temperatures or consume its edibles.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best cannabis terpenes for your trip is essential to create euphoric effects. A few terpenes can really accentuate your taste buds and build a sense of relaxation to ease any inconvenience throughout your journey. Myrcene, linalool, and beta-caryophyllene are some of the most delicious, aromatic, and best cannabis terpenes that are safe to consume with your friends and family. Get its vapes, cigarettes, or spend money on flavored pods to enjoy to your fullest! Whatever you choose, we wish you the best of luck, and have fun!

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