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Cannabis has become associated with Colorado since its wide adaptation as a medical and recreational drug in the state. Many people head to Colorado for a 420-friendly vacation with friends and family or to get medical marijuana, as it’s among the top cannabis-loving cities. The best part is that you can find the top THC-infused edible companies in Colorado.

Best Edibles in Colorado

The wide use of weed in Colorado has made it easy to find all kinds of cannabis products in the region. It allows weed enthusiasts to consume their favorites in low concentrations where they cannot smoke. You can find everything from THC-infused gummies to brownies and chocolates for a quick cannabis feed.

Some of the top Colorado weed companies for edibles are:

Wyld Edibles

Wyld Edibles is the perfect pick for consumers who like 420 gummies more than other edibles. You can find indica, sativa, and hybrid-enhanced gummies. They come in hexagonal boxes, making them appear unique to other brands.

420 Gummies

You can get Wyld Edibles gummies in raspberry, huckleberry, marionberry, sour apple, pomegranate, peach, pear, strawberry, elderberry, sour cherry, and blood orange flavors.

Highly Edibles

If you are looking for a wider variety of gummy flavors, you are in for a treat at Highly Edibles.

The gummies or “infused pucks” come in a wide variety of flavors, including Watermelon, peach, strawberry, sour sativa, indica, etc. They are not only infused with cannabis, but the flavors are mouth-watering. Highly Edible products are gluten-free, Vegan, and 100% natural.

You will see 100mg THC labeling on the packet; each packet contains 10 infused pucks with 10 mg of THC.


Incredibles is one of the top THC-infused edible companies to explore in Colorado, with an extensive range of products for 420 enthusiasts.

Chocolates Gummies

While chocolates are the most popular product of Incredibles, the company also offers tarts, gummies, & mints. You can choose from various options, including THC, CBN, or both. They also have micro-dose tarts and seasonal treats for weed lovers.

Dialed In

Dialed-In gummies are one of the most popular THC-infused gummies in Colorado because of their fruity flavor. Consumers love these gummies as they taste pleasant and are prepared with strain-specific turpentine-rich rosin. Besides the standard gummies, Dialed In also offers liquid gummies to add to drinks. A pack of ten gummies gives you 10mg of THC in each.

Fruit Punch Gummies


Keef is the perfect choice when looking for something more than gummies and chocolates for a weed-infused experience.

Keef is a pioneer in the cannabis beverage industry with its line of cannabis-infused drinks. They have sparkling water, mocktails, and high-intensity drinks. The Keef Extreme range is infused with 500 mg of THC per bottle, making it the most potent ice cream float.

Choose from flavors like root beer, fruit punch, raspberry, mocktail lemonade, cherry cola, purple passion, etc.

1906 New Highs

1906 introduced their line of chill drops or swallowable pills for a weed experience offering numerous benefits. These pills have made 1906 among the top THC-infused edible companies to explore in Colorado.

These swallowable pills are made with THC combined with plant extracts, containing 5 milligrams of THC and 25 milligrams of CBD. Each type of pill offers a specific benefit, such as brainpower, energy, relaxation, happiness, sleep, and arousal.


CannaPunch is one of the best names for non-carbonated beverages with 420. Their vegan products are made with organic ingredients, making them an ideal pick for everyone. These energy shots are excellent for getting high compared to drowsiness on taking THC.

Mota Energy is one of the most popular drinks by CannaPunch. You can also find drinks in other flavors like Juicy Grape and Watermelon.

Grape Juicy

Coda Signature

Coda Signature has tinctures, truffles, and gummies everyone loves in Colorado. All the edibles are ethically sourced, gluten-free, and Vegan. Most consumers call them the most exotic edibles in terms of flavor and taste. You can get them in 5mg to 25mg in numerous flavors.

The truffles are made with South American cacao, while the gummies and chocolates come in mango/ chili lime, lychee/ cucumber, snap pea/ spice flavors, etc.

The Bottom Line

Colorado is a well-known romantic destination for weed buffs and is accepted throughout the world. You can find everything from chocolates to gummies, truffles, and beverages. Highly Edibles, Wyld, and Dialed In are among the top brands for fruity, yummy gummies. Coda Signature, 1906 New Highs, Keef, Incredibles, and CannaPunch are also the top THC-infused edible companies to explore in Colorado.


What is the strongest edible you can buy in Colorado?

The Keef Extreme range, infused with 500 mg of THC per bottle, is one of the most potent edibles you can find in Colorado. The swallowable tablets by 1906 offered up to 25 mg of infused cannabis which is quite high for first-time consumers.

What company makes the best THC gummies?

Dialed In is a favorite among 420 enthusiasts in Colorado, followed by other popular names like Wyld and Highly Edible. These companies offer the best gummies in Colorado.

Can tourists buy edibles in Colorado?

Everyone above 21 is allowed to buy marijuana and weed-based products in Colorado. Thus, you can buy edibles in Colorado as a tourist.

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