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Are you planning to travel to Europe with hemp or CBD oil? Here is what you need to know before traveling to Europe with hemp and whole-plant CBD oil.

Hemp or whole plant CBD oil is derived from different species of plants belonging to the same family ‘’Cannabaceae.” Both of these are used for different medical, recreational, and industrial purposes. Over the years it has been legalized in many countries but still, it is not legal everywhere. It is part of the routine for many people and they also want to travel with it. But it should be noted that there are different laws and standards for carrying CBD oil or hemp to different countries.

This article will help you differentiate between hemp and CBD oil and whether you can travel with these to Europe, and if yes then how? So, let’s begin without any delay.

Hemp vs Whole Plant CBD Oil

Hemp vs Whole Plant CBD Oil

Hemp and whole-plant CBD oil are derived from the plant ”cannabis sativa.” The main difference between them is the cannabinoid content. Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive element found in marijuana is present in both hemp and CBD products. Both of these have less than 0.3% THC content which is legal to consume.

CBD oil is an isolated extract obtained from a single type of cannabinoid called ”cannabidiol (CBD).” Whereas hemp oil composition is not limited to CBD only instead it contains over 140 beneficial cannabinoids. When both of these oils are used together, it produces a synergistic effect called the entourage effect.

Can You Travel with These in Europe?

Well, in simple words the answer to this is ”yes” you can travel with hemp and CBD oil in Europe. It is not a crime to carry these to Europe but you must make sure that the country you are flying from and the country you are flying to allows the possession of hemp and whole-plant CBD oil. It may be allowed within the country but the laws for air transportation might be different. It is better to do your research before traveling to Europe with hemp or CBD oil. Following countries of Europe allow traveling with these CBD products:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • France
  • The United Kingdom
Tourist in France

How to Travel with These in Europe?

There are certain requirements for traveling to Europe with these CBD products. You must complete the requirements if you are planning to travel to Europe with these products. Here are the requirements for carrying hemp and CBD oil for a safe trip to Europe.

Tax Receipt and Certificate

While traveling to Europe with CBD products you must have the tax receipt and also the certificate of the products which identifies the origin of the hemp you carry. If you travel without these papers, the authorities will not know the active components of the product you carry. They can stop you from taking it and can even confiscate CBD products. It is better to keep the receipts with the product so that you do not face any problems at the security checks.

Awareness of Local Laws

As mentioned before, you must be aware of the local laws and standards for traveling with hemp and CBD oil to Europe. Make sure that these are legal in the country you are leaving and your destination. It might be legal to consume hemp and CBD oil in Europe but make sure that the air transportation of these is also legal or not.

Awareness of Local Laws

Limitation of Cannabinoid Content

Another important thing to be noted before traveling to Europe is to check the cannabinoid content limitation of that specific country you are traveling to. Make sure that your CBD products do not exceed that specified limit of cannabinoids. European Parliament allows the possession of products with 0.2% to 0.3% THC levels for industrial and medical purposes. You must check the THC content in the products you possess, mostly it is mentioned prominently on the bottle. It is also advised to get your hemp and CBD oils from well-recognized brands.

Avoidance of CBD Flowers or Resins

What form of CBD product you choose to carry in Europe also plays an important role. Avoid carrying CBD flowers and resins as these can be easily confused for an illicit substance. You will have to go through more security checks than normal. It is better to carry CBD products in the form of oils, creams, or other edibles. Carry these oils in regular bottles just like your other products and make sure that the quantity does not exceed the threshold.

The Bottom Line

Hemp and whole-plant CBD oil are derived from the plant ”cannabis sativa.” The consumption and possession of both of these are legalized in most of the countries of the world including Europe. Cannabis involvement has increased to the extent that even marijuana is legalized in the US. Countries like Austria, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom allow traveling with hemp and CBD oil, however, it is important to note the requirements and laws of traveling with these. Make sure to carry the tax receipt and certificate, and check the THC content and the form of the CBD product you carry. You can make your trip to Europe smooth and safe by following the basic instructions given in this article.

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