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What could be a better time to go on camping than during the national camping month, June?

As June has started, people love to plan camping trips with family and friends. It is a great way to connect with yourself and nature. Most of you are fed up with your daily work routines and want to get out in the fields and enjoy the peace and scenery. People in the United States love camping as an outdoor activity and that too with consuming cannabis in the beautiful outdoor scenes.

Although cannabis and marijuana have become legal in many states of the US, you cannot just smoke it anywhere. You must be aware of the local laws in the state you are going camping and make sure that you don’t break any laws. You don’t want to get into trouble during your camping trip. This blog post will let you know the best cannabis-friendly camping places in the United States, where you can go with your family and friends and have the ideal time that you desire.

6 Cannabis-Friendly Camping Places in the United States

Here is a list of some great camping places in the United States where you can enjoy cannabis without violating any laws:

Canyonside Campground, Colorado

Person camping in Colorado

This campsite has a peaceful vibe with a beautiful landscape. It is just across the Cache La Poudre River. Canyonside Campground is 420-friendly, they not only allow you to smoke marijuana but also have concierge services to make the best of your cannabis experience. They also offer some introductory classes about cannabis to guide you about vapes. You can witness the mountain goats and deer at this serene campsite. Canyonside Campground in Colorado is not to be missed while planning a camping trip with your loved one!

Smoke on the Water, Oregon

Camping in Oregon

Smoke on the water is right across Lake Selmac. This cannabis-friendly camping site offers wonderful activities for you including fishing, boating, and hiking. The land is about five acres and you can enjoy nature while smoking marijuana. This campsite is very close to Rogue Siskiyou National Forest which is a great place with scenic hiking trails. There is unlimited outdoor fun with kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boating. If you are into these activities, Smoke on the Water is an ideal cannabis-friendly camping spot for you.

Rose Creek Retreat, Washington

Camping in Washington

This 420-friendly campsite is located in Rosburg near the Lower Columbia River. This site offers a charming and remote experience to its visitors. Here you are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy a smoke in a huge field of wildflowers. You can have a relaxing time while lying in the handcrafted wikiup. You would not want to leave this place once you come here, so don’t forget to add this place to your next camping trip.

Rustic River Cabins, Colorado

Rustic River Cabins, Colorado

Rustic River Cabins is close to Estes Park and Big Thompson River. This place has numerous cabins where you can stay. Campsite is cannabis friendly however you are not allowed to smoke inside the cabins. You can enjoy vaping, dabbing, or other edibles indoors but if you have to light up a smoke you will have to go outdoors. You can enjoy swimming and fishing in the river which is close to this picturesque campsite. The land is almost 16 acres and has many trails going down to the river. This campsite is also pet-friendly but make sure that your pet has a leash. Don’t miss this beautiful campsite if you love nature and cannabis.

Mountain Refuge Ranch, Washington

Man Camping in Washington

If you need nature therapy then Mountain Refuge Ranch is your go-to place. This cannabis-friendly campsite welcomes tourists along with their vans, RVs, and tents. Many films have been shot here at this mesmerizing campsite including some scenes of ‘’Benny and Joon’’, starring Johnny Depp. Another film ‘’ The Postman’’ featuring Kevin Costner was also shot here. Mountain Refuge Ranch offers also offers some great adventurous activities including a shooting range and hiking trail. Make sure to add this cannabis-friendly campsite to your list.

Salmon Falls KOA, Maine

People Camping in Salmon River

Salmon Falls KOA is an ideal outdoor place to smoke your weed. It is close to the Salmon River and is perfect for those of you who enjoy river activities including swimming, boating, and kayaking. There are three campgrounds where you can stay. Smoking marijuana is not allowed in the cabins but you can enjoy it in your RVs or outdoors. You can bathe in the heated swimming pools and hot tubs offered by the cabins here. This cannabis-friendly campsite in Maine is not to be missed.

The Final Takeaway

Cannabis is obtained from a plant and is enjoyed by many people across the country. They have some medicinal properties as well but some states have certain restrictions on consuming cannabis. However, many states in the US have legalized the consumption of cannabis. If you are a nature and cannabis lover then these sites mentioned in this blog post are sure to help you have a wonderful camping experience with your loved ones.

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