Weed-Friendly Vacation Ideas For Couples

Couple Enjoying Vape on Vacation

Many couples around the world share their love of cannabis, but they are not able to carry or consume it in many places. Thus, you either have to avoid 420 in those regions or skip your plan of traveling. But what if we tell you the best weed-friendly vacation ideas for couples for a memorable holiday?

The best part is you can enjoy Mary Jane outside of the US too!

Canada recently ruled headlines for making recreational marijuana legal, and it is not the only country to do so. Many gorgeous vacation spots globally allow visitors to get high and enjoy their leisure time without worrying about legal issues.

420 Friendly Romantic Getaways

Sometimes, couples find smoking weed pleasurable when staying together, but it gets restricted when you’re traveling internationally. Despite laws inhibiting the use of cannabis in most states and countries, some have made it legal for everyone within the premises.

Whether you enjoy the simple Amsterdam life or want to spend your holiday partying in Las Vegas, nobody will stop you from taking as much weed as you like. Many other regional tourist locations like India, Australia, and Spain also have a 420-friendly culture welcoming stoners around the world.

You can opt for luxury cannabis lofts, smoke around the beaches in Jamaica, or enjoy weed from home-grown plants in Chile. There’s a lot to do when you want to enjoy a weed-friendly holiday with your better half.

Some of the best vacation spots for potheads include:

Las Vegas: The American Amsterdam in Making

If you are looking for a short trip within the US, there’s nothing better than visiting Las Vegas. Nightlife, casinos, and weed – this city has it all!

Venetian Hotel Casino

Las Vegas, having a variety of 420-friendly places, is one of the most energetic cities in the U.S. It offers something for everyone, including recreational activities. Not just that, but the opening of Cannabis lounges in the city has made it an ideal weed-friendly vacation spot for couples. Besides being accessible, these lounges are regulated properly. Check the lounges online as they are not close to each other, and you might want to spend time at one time.

If you are visiting Las Vegas for the first time, Oasis Cannabis is an affordable option Downtown, or you can go to Planet13 for a massive variety of products.

Denver: Cannabis Bus Tours and More

Another tourist destination in America for couples is the famous Denver, Colorado having the best cannabis products for their vacation.

Denver Streets

It is a progressive city regarding cannabis and is one of the first cities to legalize the recreational use of cannabis in the USA. It is home to a growing cannabis industry, providing various cannabis products. The city offers 19 guided cannabis bus tours to take you around the city and tell you everything about cannabis you want to know. You can get an industry tour or book a private tour. Book your tickets online with Colorado Cannabis Tours or Denver7 to avoid the hassle.

You will get to know a lot about the cannabis culture in the city, including the fact that there are 64 licensed dispensaries for every 100,000 people.

Besides the thriving cannabis culture, Denver has numerous tourist attractions such as the botanical garden, art shows, and a science museum to interest all visitors. Also, it is an affordable location for accommodation and food.

Oregon: 420-Friendly Yoga and Lounges

Oregon is one of the best locations for a 420-friendly vacation in the US. You can use marijuana for medical and recreational use unless you are driving. State law allows you to keep as much as 8 ounces of marijuana in the form of flowers and dried leaves.

couple in Oregon

It not only lets you use cannabis for personal use but also offers a wide variety of activities for pot enthusiasts. You can enjoy wake-and-bake weed-based drag shows in Portland, Oregon for a unique yet fun experience with your partner. Furthermore, you can join ganja yoga if you and your spouse enjoy yoga together. What’s better than the added relaxation offered by weed?

Alternatively, Portland has various Cannabis lounges where you can smoke in peace without causing disturbance to the public. The most popular ones include The Portland Cannabus, The Indica Room at Delta-9 House, and High 5 Tours. 

Amsterdam: The Global Weed Capital

Cannabis business owners in Las Vegas believe that the regulations implemented by the state government restrict their vision to make Las Vegas another Amsterdam. It represents the significance of the Netherlands, and particularly Amsterdam when it comes to pot-friendliness.


Amsterdam is rightfully known as the Weed Capital of Europe.

Contrary to popular belief, weed is not legal in Amsterdam. The government recently banned cannabis smoking in the red light district. Opposed to the expected response, most smokers do not have a problem as they believe there are plentiful other spaces to consume weed.

Thus, the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, is still one of the most accepting of marijuana smoking. There is a wide variety of options, including edibles and concentrates of different flower strains. You can buy and smoke a joint in coffee shops as earlier.

Besides the liberty to smoke weed in coffee shops, the city is a treat to the eyes. The amazing architecture, stunning views, and fun-filled couple picnics make Amsterdam one of the most romantic getaways with cannabis availability.

Uruguay: Pioneers in Weed Legalization

Did you know that Uruguay was the first country to legalize the production, sale, and use of marijuana?

Uruguay sea

Uruguay legalized marijuana for recreational and medical purposes in 2014, before any other country. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that this small country is the pioneer in normalizing weed. Adults over 18 can buy as much as 10 grams of cannabis per week from the pharmacy.

However, you must remember that foreigners cannot buy or sell weed in Uruguay. Though, no one’s stopping you from sharing a joint with a local friend to try the unique flavors.

Enjoying cannabis-related experiences at Montevideo is one of the best weed-friendly vacation ideas for couples. You can ask your local friend to get you some weed to enjoy and relax on the calming beach. Register yourself for the 420 events in the region.

It is best to visit the country between November and February to have fun in the country. Summer months tend to be hot and thus not preferred for visitors.

Thailand: The New Cannabis Capital?

Cannabis is out of the bag in Thailand and has become a common part of everyday life, and many have been jailed for using it in the past. You can find weed in Thailand on every corner!

couple at Thailand

The country smells of the pot, making it one of the best vacation spots for potheads. You can get everything from flowers and seeds to even full plants. Selling and purchase of cannabis for personal use is legal in the country. 

While you can find cannabis in every nook and corner of the country, it is illegal for recreational use. Yet it has become a critical element for all parties in the region. Thus you can find it in almost all parties you go to. 

Thailand is a beautiful Asian country welcoming a large number of tourists every year. It offers numerous recreational activities for visitors. Furthermore, the availability of cannabis on almost every street has made it an ideal vacation spot for potheads.

Colombia: Allowing Weed to Fight Cocaine

Colombia experienced a massive increase in the cultivation and use of drugs during the pandemic, which continued to grow. It has become a hub for producing and selling drugs such as cocaine.

Couple in Colombia

Cocaine is highly addictive and may have serious implications if a large population depends on the drug. Thus cannabis has been declared legal in Colombia, and you can purchase up to 22 grams of weed for personal use. Recent advancements have been seen, and smoking weed in Colombia might soon become legal for recreation. What’s a better place for a fun-filled 420-friendly vacation with your spouse?

Medellin, the second-largest city in Colombia, has a long history of cannabis and, thus, the most relaxed attitude towards the drug. This part of the country is also home to the Expomedeweed trade show, exhibiting the latest cannabis products.

Argentina: Free Medical Marijuana

Argentina is among the best vacation spots for potheads who love peacefully smoking a joint. It has fought hard battles to legalize marijuana in the region.

beautiful Argentina

Argentina was one of the first South American countries to legalize the use of medical marijuana in 2017. Furthermore, it is the first country worldwide to offer medical marijuana for free. You can also keep small amounts of cannabis for personal use, but it is not allowed for recreation.

However, the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, has a more modernized approach towards cannabis. Enjoy the beautiful views of the city from your room while smoking a joint. If you visit the country in November, you can also visit the Cannava trade show to experience the latest cannabis products.

Australia: Home to Cannabis Clubs

Besides the beautiful shores and exciting outdoor activities, Australia has some of the coolest cannabis clubs worldwide.

couple at Australia Beach

Australia legalized weed in 2016, and weed cafes and clubs immediately started opening in the region. You can use cannabis openly in the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, and the Northern Territory, while other regions do not allow weed consumption openly. However, medical marijuana is legal across Australia.

While Nimbin is a small town in Australia that you might not hear of much, it is the center of Australian weed culture. Legal weed consumption makes it a favorite spot among tourists. It also hosts the annual MardiGrass festival showcasing the latest cannabis products.

Jamaica: Cannabis-based Activities for Couples

Jamaica is a splendid country in the Caribbean and a haven for smokers. This country has allowed citizens to smoke weed since 2015, including growing up to five plants for personal use.

Palm Tree near Jamaica

Jamaica is perfect for a weed-friendly vacation with your spouse to walk along the beach while getting high. You can find cannabis almost everywhere on the island in different forms to your preference. It also offers a variety of cannabis-based activities, such as visiting cannabis farms or a 420 yoga class.

If you do not know, weed is a standard part of the Rastafarian culture, which is prevalent in the region. It has made cannabis locally and culturally acceptable, as many people follow this religion. You can also learn about the Rastafarian culture in Jamaica and have fun with your partner.

Sri Lanka: Religious and Medical Liberties

The use of marijuana has become quite common and popular in Sri Lanka as it is closely connected to spiritual celebrations. Over 600,000 people in the country consume marijuana. So, you do not have to worry about smoking weed while you relax at the beach or take a boat ride in the beautiful waters.

Sri Lanka Waterfall

Sri Lanka is a gorgeous country, and the recent economic hit has led to its doom. But weed has been an important part of the region’s spiritual events and traditional medicine. Sri Lanka’s government legalized the use of marijuana in the 1980s, and many doctors still prescribe it for treatment. While you may find it at almost all pharmacies, citizens are not allowed to grow the cannabis plant.

Also, remember that you cannot bring cannabis into the country as it is not allowed for recreation. But you may buy it locally through your connections; it might be an adventure you’d like to enjoy!

India: Cultural Cannabis Use

The Holi festival in India is one of the most significant celebrations, and cannabis goes hand-in-hand with Holi. Traditional Indians believe the festival is incomplete without bhang (marijuana).

couple enjoying in India

Despite the common use of weed during festival season, you must remember that it is not legal for personal or recreational use. At the same time, the usage is not regulated and is so common that you can find it at almost all shops across the country without much hassle. You can find it in the form of seeds (bhang), flowers (ganja), and resin (charas). If you travel to Odisha, you can enjoy weed “chillums” in the cold weather, as the drug is legal in this state.

Spring is the best time to visit India with your partner to enjoy a fun holiday and bhang with the locals during Holi!

Ecuador: Weed for Economic Purposes

While most other countries have legalized weed after understanding the high demand among the public, Ecuador has a more country-centric approach to the idea. Ecuador allowed the personal use of cannabis, making it an attractive weed-friendly vacation spot for couples.

couple consuming coffee in Ecuador

The country decriminalized weed for personal use in 2019, allowing citizens to keep a maximum of 10 grams. Cannabis has become an important part of the country’s economic landscape, including the production of weed for medical and industrial purposes. You can find all kinds of cannabis-based oils and creams in the region.

The increased production of cannabis in Ecuador made it the best vacation spot for couples who enjoy smoking joints together. However, there are no particular 420 events in the country to visit and explore new varieties.

Chile: Home-Grown Marijuana Plants

Despite cannabis being illegal, Chile has the highest per-capita use of cannabis in Latin America. While you cannot consume cannabis openly in Chile, the permission to consume it privately at home and for medical purposes is the key to such high consumption.

Chile Streets

The high demand makes it readily available. Thus, you would not have to worry about carrying much with you. Cannabis available in Chile is regulated, but many shops sell unregulated hemp-derived CBD. Additionally, Chile law allows residents to grow up to six marijuana plants at home for personal consumption.

Finding an Airbnb with personal marijuana plants can be ideal for couples who enjoy smoking cannabis together.

If you do not plan to explore the country much, Valparaiso has a high weed acceptance rate, and you can even visit local dispensaries to try different strains of cannabis. This gorgeous port city with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean offers some of the best views in the city. Drive to some of the best vineyards around the city to enjoy wine sampling world-renowned Chilean wines.

Mexico: Weed is a Human Rights Matter

The Mexican supreme court in 2015 mentioned, “prohibiting people from growing the drug for consumption was unconstitutional as it violated the human right to the free development of one’s personality.” So, the freedom to grow and consume cannabis is a human rights matter in Mexico, and nobody can take away your rights!

Couple at Mexico Beach

Mexico legalized personal use and possession of weed up to 5 grams in 2009, much earlier than many other countries. Furthermore, a 2015 ruling allowed citizens to grow cannabis plants for personal consumption. Medical marijuana became legal in 2016, and it is believed that Mexico will soon allow recreational marijuana usage by tourists and the natives too.

As this beautiful country has become a popular tourist destination after the legalization of weed, you must book your tickets in advance. The museum tickets often sell out fast due to a high tourist influx. Book everything weeks in advance to enjoy your cannabis-friendly vacation to the fullest without missing out on anything.

Costa Rica: The Ultimate Heaven

You might wonder why this stunning country is at the end of the list. As they say, “Save the best for the last.”

Couple at Costa Rica

There are not many cannabis-based activities in Costa Rica, but it still is the best for a relaxing holiday with your family. This tropical paradise is perfect for enjoying quality time as a couple, appreciating nature, and smoking a joint in a calm corner. 

Cannabis is decriminalized for personal use in Costa Rica, and you may also see people smoking weed for recreation. Yet you may not keep a large amount of weed with you as police are often hunting for traffickers. 

Costa Rica is paradise on Earth and an amazing vacation idea for couples any day. Visit this breathtaking tropical country and relish the local weed.

420 Friendly Vacation Ideas

Now that you know the best countries in the world for a relaxing getaway with your partner with no restrictions regarding weed use, we have more for you.

Here are the top vacation ideas to enjoy weed-friendly activities as a couple:

Bud and Breakfast

Bud and Breakfast is a budding concept that allows you to find 420-friendly accommodations around the US and Jamaica. They offer everything from hotels and home rentals to actual breakfast in bed. 

Opting for Bud and Breakfast allows you to enjoy your weed-friendly holiday comfortably. You can find the facility in seven locations around America, including Hawaii, Virginia, Denver, Chicago, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Jamaica. 

Weed-Friendly Classes

You can find weed-friendly art and food classes in almost all cannabis-culture-inclusive countries. Jamaica offers sushi and joint-rolling classes where you can have fun with your partner and interact with other weed enthusiasts. 

Similarly, you can find 420-friendly painting classes where you can smoke a joint while painting without anyone interrupting you. Such courses are available in New York, Florida, Orlando, and Brooklyn. 

Complete 420-Friendly Vacation Package

Hotels and public areas in some regions of the world do not allow smoking weed even when the country has legalized personal use. The best way is to book an all-inclusive weed-friendly vacation, including the hotel and tours to take you around interesting tourist spots. 

Local 420 tour guides can help design tours for you as a couple to take the trouble away from you. You can get 420-friendly hotels, city tours, and cannabis-infused massages. You might also enjoy meals at 420-friendly restaurants, Ganja yoga, or joint rolling classes.

Look for local options in the area you are traveling to.

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect weed-friendly vacation ideas for couples can be challenging as many countries still have not legalized weed. However, you can go to safe cities like New York, Denver, Las Vegas, or enjoy some time with your partner without worrying about cannabis restrictions. If you are looking for the best vacation spots for potheads outside the US, Jamaica, Amsterdam, Colombia, and India are popular among tourists. Furthermore, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and the emerging cannabis hub Thailand are gorgeous places to enjoy a joint on the beach while watching the sunset with your spouse.


What are 420-friendly romantic getaways?

The best 420-friendly romantic getaways for couples include the yoga weekend retreat at the cliff house lodge in Morrison, Bud, and Breakfast, and sushi and joint rolling classes in Jamaica. 

Which are all-inclusive, weed-friendly resorts?

Some of the all-inclusive weed-friendly resorts and restaurants for cannabis enthusiasts include the Scotia Lodge in California, the Jupiter in Portland, the Brambles & the Madrones in Philo, and the Lexi in Las Vegas.

Where can I find 420-friendly cabins near me?

If you live in Hawaii, Virginia, Denver, Chicago, New York, Michigan, or Massachusetts, you can find Bud and Breakfast to relax and smoke a joint carefree. You can also opt for Hibnb to find cannabis-friendly venues, events, and recreational activities around you.

Which are weed-friendly beaches?

Negril, Jamaica, is the most popular 420-friendly vacation spot, especially for a calm beach evening. Cabo Polonia in Uruguay, The Algarve in Portugal, Wreck Beach in Vancouver, and BlijBurg Aan Zee in Amsterdam are also popular among tourists.


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